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    "title": "Hayashida Collection",
    "description": "The Hayashida Family collection includes photos and documents showing daily life of the Nishinaka family, including Fumiko Nishinaka Hayashida and siblings on Bainbridge Island before the war, documents related to the disposition and caretaking of the Fumiko and Saburo Hayashida property while the family was interned at Manzanar and Minidoka, correspondence with friends and family on Bainbridge Island as well as with other internees.  A set of documents is included from the National Archives at Riverside California relating to the incarceration of “alien enemies” at Tuna Canyon Immigration Detention Station in California. Fumiko Hayashida was interviewed by Densho in 1998.  The collection also includes a small album of photos from 1952.",
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    "unitdateinclusive": "1914-1991",
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    "extent": "Acquisition 1: 9 photographic prints, color and black and white. Acquisition 2:  1 photo album, 9 original WRA documents and personal letters, 1 3\" binder w/ original and NARA copies of WRA documents and camp correspondences, 1 1.5\" binder w/ documents.",
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    "contributor": "Densho",
    "acqinfo": "Acquisition 1 (2014): Contact and donor:\r\nFumiko Hayashida, 3315 20th Ave S Seattle, WA 98144, 206-723-7159\r\n\r\nAcquisition 2 (2017):  Contact and donor:\r\nKristine Hayashida Moore, 3322 17th St., Seattle, WA  98144, 206-948-6762\r\[email protected]",
    "accruals": "Collection was donated in two parts.  Objects 1-9 were donated in 2014.  Objects 10-354 were donated in 2017.",
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    "prefercite": "Courtesy of the Hayashida Family Collection",
    "bioghist": "Fumiko Nishinaka Hayashida was born on Bainbridge Island in January 22, 1911 into a family of nine children.  She graduated from Winslow High School and spent several years in Japan as a girl.  Returning to the Island, she married Saburo Hayashida, a farmer, who had also grown up on Bainbridge Island.  Saburo Hayashida was born May 24, 1906 in Bellevue and moved to the Island with his family at the age of three. He attended Winslow High School.  The Hayashidas owned and operated a farm producing strawberries and other fruits.  Saburo Hayashida had farmed on the island along with his brothers since 1923.    In 1942, they, along with more than 200 other Japanese Americans were among the first to be removed to concentration camps after Executive Order 9066.  The family was first interned at Manzanar, then moved to Minidoka.  They remained incarcerated until the end of the war.  At the time, they had two small children, and Fumiko was pregnant with their third child, who was born at Manazanar.  Returning to their farm on Bainbridge Island, they found it had been neglected by the caretakers they had entrusted it to.  After struggling to reestablish their farm, the family eventually moved to Seattle, where Saburo found work at the Boeing plant.  Fumiko Hayashida died on November 2, 2014, Saburo on January 4, 1986.  Fumiko is the subject of the iconic photo of a young woman, holding her sleeping child, both marked with tags for relocation as they wait to be taken off Bainbridge Island.  In her later years, Fumiko became active in the movement for redress and justice for Japanese Americans incarcerated during the war, even testifying before Congress at the age of 95.",
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