Group photo of 28

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Joseph Ishikawa Collection

Black and white photo of 28 people: 27 men and 1 woman, including Joe Ishikawa. Caption on album page: "Dick Gobiel, Ed Flynn, Roscoe Barringer, Dale Read, Rudy SRB, John Mekota, Ted Brunson, Bob Brainmer, Dexter Sharp, Wes Keiser, Bob McShane, Bob Angier, Phil Schiuckebier, The Monster, Dwayne Pretzer, Bill Morita, Bill Leavitt, Lee Harms, Bob Hecker, Stan Dietrich, Chick Roberts, Bob Myer, Nelt Friesenborg, Ralph Shambaugh, Mrs. Read, Leslie Johnson, and Glen Sloan" written in black ink or pencil.


Still Image


Courtesy of the Joseph Ishikawa Collection, Densho