Joseph Ishikawa Collection


The Joseph Ishikawa collection, c.1942-2012, consists of the personal papers of Joseph Bunichi Ishikawa. Contained are unfinished drafts of stories and poems, correspondence, photograph albums, newspaper clippings, essays, diary entries, and other documents pertaining to Ishikawa’s life before, during, and after World War II. Also included are correspondence and newspaper clippings relating to Ishikawa’s work on desegregating the Lincoln, Nebraska, municipal swimming pool as well as Ishikawa’s career as the director for the Des Moines Art Center, Sioux Falls Art Center, Theodore Lyman Art Center, and Kresge Art Museum.


1942-1964; 1985

2 scrapbooks, 1 box of papers and 1 folder of papers


Courtesy of Joseph Ishikawa, Densho

552 Objects

doc Poem: "You are light" (ddr-densho-468-1)
Handwritten draft with opening of letter upside down on left side of first page
Short story:
doc Short story: "At the sound of the chimes" (ddr-densho-468-8)
Handwritten draft on stationery from The Japan-California Daily News
Short story:
doc Short story: "Grace Sato was happier than she'd been" (ddr-densho-468-9)
Typed draft. Story follows a woman who is shot and killed while attempting to escape Manzanar to elope with a Caucasian sailor .
Short story:
doc Short story: "Though of different temperaments" (ddr-densho-468-10)
Typed draft. Story follows two Issei (Kenji Hashimoto and Isamu Saito) who leave Hiroshima for America in 1910.

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