Wakaichi "Buck" Ohashi Family Collection ddr-densho-442

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Child in chair (ddr-densho-442-51)
img Child in chair (ddr-densho-442-51)
Portrait of an unidentified child sitting in a chair.
Two children (ddr-densho-442-52)
img Two children (ddr-densho-442-52)
Photograph of two children dressed in Chigo costumes
Ohashi Family business (ddr-densho-442-53)
img Ohashi Family business (ddr-densho-442-53)
Photograph of George Ohashi's family of outside the pool room and lodging house he ran. From left to right is Shika Ohashi holding Ruth Tomo Ohashi, Mary Haruko (Ohashi) Yamato, and George Ohashi.
The Suzukis (ddr-densho-442-54)
img The Suzukis (ddr-densho-442-54)
Photograph of Kichijiro "George" Suzuki and his wife Toriya Suzuki in Ketchikan.
Ohashi's Grocery store (ddr-densho-442-55)
img Ohashi's Grocery store (ddr-densho-442-55)
Photograph of four children sitting outside the Ohashi family grocery store. Post-it attached to photograph reads "Ohashi's Grocery Store" in black ink.
Jiro & Bob (ddr-densho-442-57)
img Jiro & Bob (ddr-densho-442-57)
Photograph of Neil Jiro Ohashi (left) and Robert Teruo "Bob" Ohashi (right) seated outside the Ohashi family store.
Group of five (ddr-densho-442-58)
img Group of five (ddr-densho-442-58)
Photograph of an unidentified group of 5 people outside a house.
Family portrait (ddr-densho-442-59)
img Family portrait (ddr-densho-442-59)
Portrait of a 6 member family all dressed in kimonos. Donor identified as possibly the Saito family in Japan.
Saito family (ddr-densho-442-61)
img Saito family (ddr-densho-442-61)
Photograph of Komatsu (Saito) Ohashi's family. Back row from left to right: father and Koichi Saito. Front row from left to right: Maki Saito, Asamitsu Saito, mother, and Komatsu (Saito) Ohashi.
Family portrait (ddr-densho-442-62)
img Family portrait (ddr-densho-442-62)
Photograph of an unidentified family of four.
Family portrait (ddr-densho-442-63)
img Family portrait (ddr-densho-442-63)
Photograph of an unidentified family of three.
Howard and his mom (ddr-densho-442-65)
img Howard and his mom (ddr-densho-442-65)
Photograph of Toriye Suzuki holding her son Howard.
Gretchen Hewitt & son (ddr-densho-442-66)
img Gretchen Hewitt & son (ddr-densho-442-66)
Photograph of Gretchen Hewitt and her son. Written along the bottom is "With Love, Gretchen and Douglas" in blank ink.
Woman (ddr-densho-442-67)
img Woman (ddr-densho-442-67)
Photograph of an unidentified woman standing outside holding a clutch.
Komatsu (Saito) Ohashi (ddr-densho-442-68)
img Komatsu (Saito) Ohashi (ddr-densho-442-68)
Photograph of Komatsu (Saito) Ohashi standing in front of the Ohashi family store. Inscribed on the back is "Mom" in blue ink.
Tomo and dog (ddr-densho-442-69)
img Tomo and dog (ddr-densho-442-69)
Photograph of Ruth Tomo Ohashi with a dog outside the family store.
Tomo and two girls (ddr-densho-442-70)
img Tomo and two girls (ddr-densho-442-70)
Photograph of three young women eating apples outside a building. In the middle is Ruth Tomo Ohashi.
Tomo with bag (ddr-densho-442-72)
img Tomo with bag (ddr-densho-442-72)
Photograph of Ruth Tomo Ohashi with a bag hanging around her neck.
Tomo holding snack (ddr-densho-442-73)
img Tomo holding snack (ddr-densho-442-73)
Photograph of Ruth Tomo Ohashi holding a snack.
Bill, Tomo, and Jim (ddr-densho-442-74)
img Bill, Tomo, and Jim (ddr-densho-442-74)
Photograph of three children sitting on a log. Identified left to right: Bill Tatsuda, Ruth Tomo Ohashi, and Jim Tatsuda.
Tomo, Komatsu and Bob (ddr-densho-442-75)
img Tomo, Komatsu and Bob (ddr-densho-442-75)
Photograph of three people outside a store. From left to right: Tomo Ruth Ohashi, Komatsu (Saito) Ohashi, and Robert Teruo "Bob" Ohashi.

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