Wakaichi "Buck" Ohashi Family Collection ddr-densho-442

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Teddy Fujioka standing with chair (ddr-densho-442-26)
img Teddy Fujioka standing with chair (ddr-densho-442-26)
Baby portrait of Theodore Yoshiakira Fujioka using a chair to stand up. Written along the lower right corner is "dore Fujioka Dec. 6 1936" in blue ink
Theodore Yoshiakira Fujioka (ddr-densho-442-27)
img Theodore Yoshiakira Fujioka (ddr-densho-442-27)
Baby portrait of Theodore Yoshiakira Fujioka. Written along the lower right corner is "dore Fujioka 1936" in blue ink
Jeff Fujioka (ddr-densho-442-28)
img Jeff Fujioka (ddr-densho-442-28)
Baby portrait of Jeffery Tad Fujioka. Written along the upper left corner is "To the Ohashi's" in blue ink. Written along the lower left corner is "Love Jeff" in blue ink. Written on a yellow post-it is "Jeff Fujioka (Tad & Cherry) in blue ink.
Portrait (ddr-densho-442-30)
img Portrait (ddr-densho-442-30)
Portrait of an unidentified child smiling
Child in suit (ddr-densho-442-31)
img Child in suit (ddr-densho-442-31)
Portrait of a young child dressed in a suit. Written along the bottom is "Y. Fujioka Feb. 12, 1939" in blue ink.
Man at beach (ddr-densho-442-32)
img Man at beach (ddr-densho-442-32)
Photograph of an unidentified man standing on the beach.
Komatsu (Saito) Ohashi & Irene Inman (ddr-densho-442-36)
img Komatsu (Saito) Ohashi & Irene Inman (ddr-densho-442-36)
Photograph of Komatsu (Saito) Ohashi and Irene Inman outside the Ohashi grocery store together.
Little girl outside (ddr-densho-442-37)
img Little girl outside (ddr-densho-442-37)
Photograph of an unidentified child standing outside
Woman (ddr-densho-442-39)
img Woman (ddr-densho-442-39)
Photograph of an unidentified woman standing outside
Mary Ohashi Yamato (ddr-densho-442-40)
img Mary Ohashi Yamato (ddr-densho-442-40)
Photograph of Mary (Ohashi) Yamato holding a camera in front of a group of parked cars
Picnic at the water (ddr-densho-442-41)
img Picnic at the water (ddr-densho-442-41)
Photograph of a group of eight standing and seated on a log by a body of water. Identified from left to right is: Bill Tatsuda, Neil Jiro Ohashi, Hope Nobuko Ohashi, Wakaichi "Buck" Ohashi, Mary (Ohashi) Yamato, Jasomatsu "George" Ohashi, Ruth Tomo Ohashi, and Helen Nakashima.
Ketchikan Japanese Language School (ddr-densho-442-42)
img Ketchikan Japanese Language School (ddr-densho-442-42)
Photograph of students and teachers outside the Ketchikan Japanese Language School. Everyone is wearing crafted hats. Identified front row left to right: Pat Hagiwara, Alice Togo, unidentified, Bert Kimura, Helen Nakashima, Irene Kimura, Ruth Tomo Ohashi, Jim Tatsuda, rest unidentified. Top row: unidentified, Charlie Tatsuda, Mary Ohashi, rest unidentified.
Ruth Tomo Ohashi (ddr-densho-442-43)
img Ruth Tomo Ohashi (ddr-densho-442-43)
Photograph of Ruth Tomo Ohashi sitting outside a house.
Welexum Bar (ddr-densho-442-44)
img Welexum Bar (ddr-densho-442-44)
Interior picture of Welexum Bar, part of the Ohashi family business.
Students on stage (ddr-densho-442-45)
img Students on stage (ddr-densho-442-45)
Photograph of a large group of students on a stage dressed up in costumes. Some are wearing number signs. Identified are Robert Teruo "Bob" Ohashi wearing sign number 3, and Ben Kimura wearing sign number 22.
Jane Fujioka (ddr-densho-442-46)
img Jane Fujioka (ddr-densho-442-46)
Photograph of a girl dressed in a kimono crouched down. Possibly Jane Fujioka as identified by donor
Tomo & Hope Ohashi (ddr-densho-442-47)
img Tomo & Hope Ohashi (ddr-densho-442-47)
Photograph of Ruth Tomo Ohashi (back) standing with her niece Hope Nobuko Ohashi (front) standing together outside.
Hope Ohashi (ddr-densho-442-48)
img Hope Ohashi (ddr-densho-442-48)
Photograph of Hope Ohashi dressed in a kimono, standing outside holding a doll.
Child with doll (ddr-densho-442-49)
img Child with doll (ddr-densho-442-49)
Photograph of a young girl standing on a couch holding a doll. Written along the top of the image is "Dear Hope" in blue ink. Written along the bottom is "Marcy Lynn" in blue ink.

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