Wakaichi "Buck" Ohashi Family Collection ddr-densho-442

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Portrait (ddr-densho-442-302)
img Portrait (ddr-densho-442-302)
Portrait of an unidentified woman and young man both dressed in kimonos.
Child (ddr-densho-442-304)
img Child (ddr-densho-442-304)
Photograph of an unidentified child dress in a kimono holding a hagoita paddle.
DOJ camp (ddr-densho-442-306)
img DOJ camp (ddr-densho-442-306)
Group photograph of Issei men detained in a Department of Justice Camp. Note from donor indicates that it was San Antonio, Lordsburg, or Santa Fe.
Girl with doll (ddr-densho-442-307)
img Girl with doll (ddr-densho-442-307)
Photograph of an unidentified child holding a baby doll.
Four children (ddr-densho-442-308)
img Four children (ddr-densho-442-308)
Photograph of four unidentified children standing together outside.
Mary Ohashi with friends. (ddr-densho-442-309)
img Mary Ohashi with friends. (ddr-densho-442-309)
Photograph of three young women standing together with a toddler. From left to right: Mary Haruko (Ohashi) Yamato, Hamilton Hewitt, and Gretchen Hewitt. The toddler is either Charlie or Jimmy Tatsuda.
Dual photo (ddr-densho-442-310)
img Dual photo (ddr-densho-442-310)
Photograph with two pictures, both images show Shika Ohashi standing outside the Ohashi family store.
Ready for a drive (ddr-densho-442-311)
img Ready for a drive (ddr-densho-442-311)
Photograph of Shika Ohashi (left) with an unidentified woman (right) and three young children standing around or seated in a car.
Four children (ddr-densho-442-312)
img Four children (ddr-densho-442-312)
Photograph of four children sitting on a log. One person's face has been covered in blue ink.
Man and baby (ddr-densho-442-313)
img Man and baby (ddr-densho-442-313)
Photograph of an unidentified man holding a baby.

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