Soldiers posting exclusion orders

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ddr-densho-36-28 (Legacy UID: denshopd-i36-00028)

Museum of History & Industry Collection

Original museum cataloging information: Special instructions. Army's edict. Soldier nailing up placards containing Civilian Exclusion Order No. 1 and special instructions to all Japanese residents of Bainbridge Island, telling them exactly how they are to comply with evacuation decree. Based on information from the museum, it appears the exclusion orders were posted on or near March 25, 1942. The Japanese Americans on Bainbridge Island were excluded on March 30, 1942, which gave them one week to sell or store their belongings and find caretakers for their farms. Bainbridge Island was one of the first places evacuated, presumably because of its proximity to the Puget Sound Navy Yard (Terminal Island, near Los Angeles, California, was the first area evacuated.)


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Museum of History & Industry

Courtesy of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Collection (number PI-28035), Museum of History & Industry

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