The Nisei Weekender, Vol. 1, No. 20 (May 9, 1946)

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Harano Collection

Selected article titles: "Kuroki Protests Treatment of Minority Vets in Parley with Gen. Omar Bradley" (p.1, 4), "Amemiya Billed for Ball Show" (p.1), "Hasty Deportation: 2 Days Given to Prepare" (p.1), "Greater N.Y. Group Seeks Coordination of Agencies Against Alien Deportation" (p.1), "Home Is the Soldier" (p.2).

May 9, 1946



  • Kuroki, Ben
  • Amemiya, Yuri
  • Bradley, Omar
  • Myer, Dillon S.


Courtesy of the Harano Collection, Densho

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Copyright restricted