Letter to Yuri from Yoshito

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Yuriko Domoto Tsukada Collection

Envelope and letter addressed to Yuri Domoto from Yoshito Shibata. In the letter Yoshito writes about the descriptions of the Assembly centers he's heard so far and how positive Yuri's description was, pending deployment to Japan, his friendship with fellow Nisei soldier Stg. Harry Fujita, his recent promotion to Tech Sgt. He also describes a USO facilitated visit to a local family's home for dinner and the visits to local scenic areas and discussions of race. He continues the letter with a discussion of Japanese food he got from his family, a joke about the censors, and inquires after members of Yuri's family. He informs Yuri about the location of several other Nisei soldiers, and his own family. Discusses the possibility of various furlough trips around the South. He inquires about recent rumors of Japanese Americans being moved to camps in Arkansas and if internees are being provided work or not and the possibility of gossip once everyone has settled in. He concludes the letter by giving Yuri an address for Tak Negi in Colorado and asks her to share regards to her family.





Courtesy of Yuriko Domoto Tsukada Collection, Densho