Letter to Kanetaro Domoto

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Yuriko Domoto Tsukada Collection

Envelope addressed to Mr. Kanetaro Domoto, stamp and postmark removed, on the back is the return address to Domoto & Co. Importers & Exporters in Yokohama, Japan with the date Mar. 30, 1936 stamped on the back. Inside stored two letters. The first letter addressed to Kanetaro Domoto and dated March 28, 1936. The letter is in regards to a sale of property in Japan between Kanetaro Domoto (owner) and an offer made by his uncle Kaichi Domoto. The second letter is addressed to Tohichi Domoto from the Domoto Co. regarding a shipment of Camellias from Japan to San Francisco. The cost of the shipment is to be deducted from the sale of property owned by Kanetaro Domoto (Toichi's father).





Courtesy of Yuriko Domoto Tsukada Collection, Densho