Letter to Domoto Bros. Nursery

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Yuriko Domoto Tsukada Collection

Envelope addressed to Domoto Bros. postmarked Dec. 27, 1922 Santa Rosa, California. Stored in the envelope were two letters and three postcard. First letter stored in envelope is to Mr. Domoto from K. Nagasawa of Santa Rosa dated Dec. 27, 1922. The letter is an acknowledgment of a shipment of flowers as a gift, and a New Year's greeting. The second letter is address to Mr. Domoto from K. Nagasawa dated April 5, 1928. The letter acknowledges the shipment of several flowers to Sacramento and were used as a display for a 79th birthday. First postcard dated Sept. 12, 1926, addressed to K. Domoto (Kanetaro Domoto) from K. Nagasawa, postmarked 15.9.12 (Taisho 15 - 1926). Postcard is regarding a trip to a Hokkaido hot spring by railcar. The second postcard is dated July 10, 1926 to Mr. K. Domoto (Kanetaro Domoto) from K. Nagasawa postmarked 1.7.11 (Showa 1- 1926). Postcard is regarding the fist week of his trip to Japan. Third postcard is dated Aug. 8, 1926 to K. Domoto (Kanetaro Domoto) from K. N. (K. Nagasawa) postmarked 15.8.9 (Taisho 15-1926). The postcard is regarding his trip into Tokyo and an earthquake that happened on the 4th.




Courtesy of Yuriko Domoto Tsukada Collection, Densho