Japanese American extended family

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Yasui Family Collection

Caption by Homer Yasui: "Group picture of the Hood River Yasui family and relatives In the first row, George Katayama is seated on a tricycle Kay [Yasui] is seated on the toy dog, also in the first row. In the second row, left to right, is Shizuyo Katayama; Ches [Yasui] on the lap of Shintaro Yasui [Masuo Yasui's father]; Shidzuyo (Miyake) Yasui; Masuo Yasui, holding Minoru [Yasui] on his lap. In the third row, left to right, is Renichi (Yasui) Fujimoto; Gunzo Katayama ([Masuo's] first cousin); a friend named Mr. Fujishiro; and an unidentified friend."

c. 1917


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Courtesy of the Yasui Family Collection

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Copyright restricted