Harry Hiroshi Imamura Collection


The Harry Hiroshi Imamura Collection consists of 7 paintings by Harry Hiroshi Imamura. These paintings capture the journey to and life in Manzanar concentration camp, California. Mr. Imamura began painting in the 1970s after he sold his truckstop restaurant, the East Valley Cafe.

late 20th century

late 20th century

7 mounted paintings


Courtesy of the Harry Hiroshi Imamura Collection

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Copyright restricted

7 Objects

Journey's end (ddr-densho-253-2)
img Journey's end (ddr-densho-253-2)
Caption: "Journey's end is Manzanar, attained by the desert-dusty convoy as the long shade of the Sierras reaches across Owens Valley from the west."
Internees filled mattress tickings (ddr-densho-253-3)
img Internees filled mattress tickings (ddr-densho-253-3)
Caption: "Internees filled matress tickings with straw as the last daylight fades over the Sierras. Upon these ticks, covering metal Army cots, Japanese slept. Only essential furniture was supplied. Additional comforts were fashioned in Manzanar workshops."
Convoy to Manzanar (ddr-densho-253-4)
img Convoy to Manzanar (ddr-densho-253-4)
Caption: "A car loaded with furniture and luggage on the road to Manzanar."
Ten-minute rest stop (ddr-densho-253-5)
img Ten-minute rest stop (ddr-densho-253-5)
Caption: "Ten-minute rest stop permitted the Japanese to stretch briefly. Halts were made at two-hour intervals. Some Japanese strolled into sagebrush, others tinkered with motors, smoked, talked."
Dinner was served (ddr-densho-253-6)
img Dinner was served (ddr-densho-253-6)
Caption: "Dinner was served - and consumed standing up owing to lack of tables and chairs. Camp steward Arthur Hirano, former New York restauranteur. His first menu consisted of beef stew, steamed rice, string beans, peas, apricots, bread and jelly. His customers were appreciative."
Across the Mojave Desert (ddr-densho-253-7)
img Across the Mojave Desert (ddr-densho-253-7)
Caption: "Across the Mojave Desert the four-mile-long convoy cut northward, following the arrow-straight flight of the Sierra Highway to the cool, snow-topped mountains. Pacing the procession at 30 m.p.h. was a jeep with red headlights. Behind it rolled a staff sedan carrying the provost marshal in command of the convoy. Behind that follows a press car. …