All Center Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Hatchimonji Collection

Caption by Ike Hatchimonji: "This Photograph Taken by Bill Shipler, Salt Lake City, 44043." Caption: "The All Center Conference. Feb 16-25, 1945 Salt Lake City, Utah. Representatives from every WRA camp met to confer with officials of the WRA to discuss issues facing internees after release from the camps. Kumezo Hatchimonji quote: 'The delegation from Heart Mountain introduced resolution that interees would be compensated for their losses because of the evacuation and to work for that realization.' Hatchimonji is seen on the top row, second from the left. Girl in the white coat is Mitsue Endo." Caption on reverse: "This Photograph Taken by Bill Shipler, Salt Lake City, 44043."

February 16, 1945


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Courtesy of Ike Hatchimonji

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Copyright restricted