Pomona Center News Vol. I No. 12 (July 3, 1942)

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Pomona Center News Collection

Selected article titles: "Fun Galore in Store. Residents to Turn Out for Gala 4th of July Program" (p. 1), "Schick Test Next Week" (p. 1), "Administration Will be Closed" (p. 1), "Bibles to be Presented" (p. 2), "Plan Class in Manual Training" (p. 3), "Check U.S. Property" (p. 3), "Children Get Milk" (p. 4), "Spike Freeze Rumors" (p. 5), "Wanted: Steel Beds, Cotton Mattresses" (p. 5), "Emergency Calls Only!" (p. 5).

July 3, 1942




Courtesy of the Hoover Institution Library

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Copyright restricted