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Japanese Americans in the snow (ddr-densho-159-54)
img Japanese Americans in the snow (ddr-densho-159-54)
For this conference, delegates from other camps visited Amache.
War Relocation Authority personnel (ddr-densho-159-56)
img War Relocation Authority personnel (ddr-densho-159-56)
Front row, fifth from the left is Rosalind "Posy" Walls. She served as a teacher at Amache High School 1944-45, teaching English and serving as adviser to the high school yearbook.
Camp firemen (ddr-densho-159-58)
img Camp firemen (ddr-densho-159-58)
Back (L to R): Edna Hagihara, Mary Shoji, Marion Yoshimura, Alice Okamoto; Front: Alice Adachi, Lucy Kishi.
High school principal's office (ddr-densho-159-66)
img High school principal's office (ddr-densho-159-66)
Pictured is H.K. Walther, principal of Amache high school. Center: Haruko Kubo, right: Eiko (last name unknown).
Queen contest (ddr-densho-159-70)
img Queen contest (ddr-densho-159-70)
Left to right: Fumi Sotomura, June Sato, Lucy Nakano, Yoshiko Oda, Asano Kasai.
High school physics class (ddr-densho-159-72)
img High school physics class (ddr-densho-159-72)
Left to right: unknown, Mits Omoto (student teacher), George Yonemura, Harry Williams (teacher), Martha Murakami.
High school typing class (ddr-densho-159-73)
img High school typing class (ddr-densho-159-73)
Amache High School. Teacher: Marguerite Anderson. Student to right of teacher: Toshiko Sakamoto Aiboshi.

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