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High school orchestra (ddr-densho-159-181)
img High school orchestra (ddr-densho-159-181)
The Amache High School orchestra conductor was Charles Hinman.
High school band (ddr-densho-159-182)
img High school band (ddr-densho-159-182)
The Amache High School band conductor was Charles Hinman.
Girls Glee Club (ddr-densho-159-183)
img Girls Glee Club (ddr-densho-159-183)
The Amache High School choir director was Lowell M. Jackson.
High school woodworking class (ddr-densho-159-184)
img High school woodworking class (ddr-densho-159-184)
The Amache High School woodworking instructor was Leo W. Krause.
Granada (Amache) concentration camp, Colorado (ddr-densho-159-194)
img Granada (Amache) concentration camp, Colorado (ddr-densho-159-194)
On the right is an example of what the land looked like before the camp was constructed.

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