Colorado Times Vol. 31, No. 4378 (October 23, 1945)

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Colorado Times Collection

Selected article titles: "North Weld News Roundup"; "8000 Tule Japanese Free to Leave"; "Ickes Approves Stilwell's Stand on Nisei"; "Solon Wants Aliens at Tule Deported"; "Auburn Baptists to Aid Sakamotos"; "Race Accord Board Idea Starts Argument"; "Bears Edge Zebras for Tourney Championship"; "Sales Tax Permits Now Issued to All"; "BCA Publishes Monthly Bulletin"; "Denver JACL Plans Social Thursday Nite"; "Nakamura-Takahashi Nuptials"; "WRA to Leave Tule by Feb. 1st"; "Nisei Seek Liquor Licenses in Sacramento"; "Portland VFW Open to Nisei"; "Okinawa Plane Crash Kills Nine Nisei GIs."

October 23, 1945




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