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Green Lake Young People's Club (ddr-densho-136-2)
img Green Lake Young People's Club (ddr-densho-136-2)
Members of the Green Lake Seinenkai (young people's club), a social club primarily for nisei in their teens and twenties. This club organized athletic, cultural, and social activities such as formal dances (pictured here).
Family farm (ddr-densho-136-5)
img Family farm (ddr-densho-136-5)
This family leased a farm at 4657 Union Bay Place in the University District of Seattle. They grew vegetables which were sold at the Public Market at various produce wholesale houses.
Group gathering at the beach (ddr-densho-136-7)
img Group gathering at the beach (ddr-densho-136-7)
Back row (L to R): Chuck Kambe, Henry Shimizu, Teruo Tada, Aya Tanagi, Satoko Abe, Toshiko Fukano, George Fukano. Front row (L to R): Kaun Abe, Nobuo Tanagi, Mae Shimizu, George Tanagi, Sayo Tanagi, Ko Abe, Mac Sasaki.
Farmhouse (ddr-densho-136-9)
img Farmhouse (ddr-densho-136-9)
This farmhouse, owned by the Tanagi family, was located in North Seattle, on land that is now a commercial shopping mall.
Group outing at Mt. Rainier (ddr-densho-136-10)
img Group outing at Mt. Rainier (ddr-densho-136-10)
This outing was organized by the Seinenkai, or Young People's Club. (L to R): Tak Nakawatase, Lily Yasui, Ko Abe, Tadashi Kumagai.
Nisei women on porch (ddr-densho-136-14)
img Nisei women on porch (ddr-densho-136-14)
(L to R): unidentified, Yoshino Kano, Tiny Kano, Chimiko Nakawatase.
Nisei friends (ddr-densho-136-16)
img Nisei friends (ddr-densho-136-16)
(L to R): Naoshi Kumagai, Toshiko Fukano, Kimi Taguchi, Mitsu Fukano, Tom Nishitani, Sumio Mochizuki, Nobi Yamada.
Friends playing in snow (ddr-densho-136-17)
img Friends playing in snow (ddr-densho-136-17)
(L to R): Rick Tanagi, George Tanagi, Paul Hiyama, Shig Tanagi, Roy Tanagi, Fred Ito.
Nisei farmer (ddr-densho-136-19)
img Nisei farmer (ddr-densho-136-19)
This man's family owned a farm in the Bothell, Washington area.
Two children on tractor (ddr-densho-136-20)
img Two children on tractor (ddr-densho-136-20)
Yosh and Mary Tamura are playing on a tractor at their Union Bay farm in Seattle. This farm is located on what is now a shopping mall named the University Village.
Latona Grocery Store (ddr-densho-136-21)
img Latona Grocery Store (ddr-densho-136-21)
An Issei couple operated this grocery store from approximately 1935-1939. It was located at 319 NE 42nd Street in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle.
Group outing at Mt. Rainier (ddr-densho-136-22)
img Group outing at Mt. Rainier (ddr-densho-136-22)
The Young People's Club, or Seinenkai, brought together people in their twenties from North Seattle for social, cultural, and recreational activities, such as this one to Mt. Rainier. (L to R): Kiyoshi Tada, Alice Funai, Tak Nakawatase, Lily Yasui, Ko Abe, Mich Shimomura, Tadashi Kumagai, Stamy Kumagai, Hiroshi Yahagi, Kaz Tada.
Nisei baseball batter (ddr-densho-136-23)
img Nisei baseball batter (ddr-densho-136-23)
Green Lake's junior baseball team was formed in the 1930s and played against teams from Tacoma, Bellevue, Bainbridge Island, White River Valley, and Seattle.
Nisei football players (ddr-densho-136-24)
img Nisei football players (ddr-densho-136-24)
This photograph shows football players from Roosevelt High School in Seattle. (L to R): Tom Nishitani, unidentified.
Women in front of roller coaster (ddr-densho-136-25)
img Women in front of roller coaster (ddr-densho-136-25)
Nisei friends standing in front of the "Big Dipper" Rollercoaster at the Playland Amusement Park, located in the Bitter Lake neighborhood at North 132nd and Aurora Avenue. Many Green Lake Japanese Association and Seinenkai (Young People's Club) activities were held there in addition to Seattle's Japan Day celebrations. (L to R): Ruth Nishino, Yuri Takahashi, Rosemary …

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