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Group outing at Mt. Rainier

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Tanagi Collection

The Young People's Club, or Seinenkai, brought together people in their twenties from North Seattle for social, cultural, and recreational activities, such as this one to Mt. Rainier. (L to R): Kiyoshi Tada, Alice Funai, Tak Nakawatase, Lily Yasui, Ko Abe, Mich Shimomura, Tadashi Kumagai, Stamy Kumagai, Hiroshi Yahagi, Kaz Tada.


Still Image

  • Tada, Kiyoshi
  • Funai, Alice
  • Nakawatase, Tak
  • Yasui, Lily
  • Abe, Ko
  • Shimomura, Mich
  • Kumagai, Tadashi
  • Kumagai, Stamy
  • Yahagi, Hiroshi
  • Tada, Kaz


Courtesy of the Tanagi Family Collection

Copyright restricted
Copyright restricted