Green Lake Judo Team

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Tanagi Collection

Green Lake Dojo was established in 1932. Classes, such as this one, were held twice a week at the Community Hall in North Seattle. The mass removal of Japanese Americans from Seattle forced Green Lake Dojo to close in 1942. Fourth row (L to R): Mr. Nakawatase, Mr. Tanagi, Mr. Kumasaka, Mr. Uchida, Mr. Hiyama, Mr. Kitajima, Mr. Suzuki, Mr. Kumagai. Third row (L to R): Mr. Uyeji, Mr. Kanno, Mrs. Tanagi, Yuri Uchida, Mrs. Kitajima, Mrs. Kumasaka, Mrs. Uchida, Mrs. Nakawatase, Mieko Hirano, Mrs. Hirano, Mrs. Kumagai, Mr. Abe. Second row (L to R): Ko Abe, Tom Kitajima, Eddie Kanno, Tadashi Kumagai, Takeo Nakawatase, Mr. Kumagai (Sensei), Mrs. Kumagai, Kaneo Abe, Hiro Uchida, Rick Tanagi, Roy Tanagi, Tosh Uchida. Front row (L to R): Tom Kanno, Tosh Uyeji, Yosh Kanno, Shoz Kumasaka, Paul Fukuma, Tak Hiyama, Yutaka Hirano, Yosh Uchida, Kame Uyeji, Ross Kumagai, George Hirano.

c. 1938


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Courtesy of the Tanagi Family Collection

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