Kazue Seo stands at a Buddhist altar

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ddr-csujad-52-38 (CSUJAD Local ID: hslb_npc_0042, CSUJAD Project ID: hslb_npc_0042)

Historical Society of Long Beach Newspaper Photograph Collection

Elderly woman, with hair pulled back and wearing glasses, standing in front of a shrine featuring many small bowls and pots and flowers. Caption printed when the image was used in the Press-Telegram on August 15, 1976, reads, "Kazue Seo reminisces before Buddhist shrine about mass evacuation and imprisonment" and a quote states, "We Were Feared by the Caucasians as Much as We Feared Them." See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: hslb_npc_0042



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Historical Society of Long Beach, Long Beach, California

Courtesy of Historical Society of Long Beach, Long Beach, California

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Copyright restricted