My future in the post-war America

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Eastern California Museum Harry Bentley Wells and Shirley Elizabeth Wells Collection

Term paper by Jogi Yamaguchi for period III Social Problems class taught by Mr. Harry Bentley Wells, a teacher at Manzanar High School. Jogi first discusses the choice he had to face in staying in America or leaving for Japan. He knows life in the US will be difficult and doesn't think he will ever see Los Angeles again. He seems worried of having to either start over from scratch, like his parents had had to or else stay in Manzanar "as part of it's dirt." From childhood, Jogi wanted to sail the seas: before the war, he hoped to become a commercial radio telegraph operator for a ship. He would prefer a cargo ship but it would be more likely he would have worked on a tuna chipper for more regular employment. Since coming to camp, Jogi completely gave up on this dream. Much of the body consists of his struggles to live without bitterness toward the US and what incidents have caused this internal struggle. He will try to relocate to the East or Midwest to work on a farm. He seems to have little hope for the future in general but knows it will be better than current conditions. Transcription is found in item: ecm_wells_9007. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: ecm_wells_0007


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