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ddr-csujad-48-6 (CSUJAD Local ID: ecm_wells_0006, CSUJAD Project ID: ecm_wells_0006)

Eastern California Museum Harry Bentley Wells and Shirley Elizabeth Wells Collection

Term paper by Lily Fukuhara for period V Social Problems class taught by Mr. Harry Bentley Wells, a teacher at Manzanar High School. Chapter headings include: After high school- What next?; Possibilities after graduation; What are my goals?; and Will I attend college? Ch. 1: Lily describes an excitement for graduation and a tendency to overplan and overthink her future: In a perfect world, she had hoped to go to college after majoring in music in high school. Her ultimate goal was to become a professional violinist but she describes a need for more than talent to accomplish this goal. Practical advice: it's difficult and competitive and it is hard to make a living as a musician so she will explore teaching music as an alternative. Ch. 2: After graduating from Manzanar High, Lily had hoped to still go to college. On the advice of her father, instead, she is enrolled in a post-graduate music course and will bolster her skills in typing, psychology, etc., at the junior college in preparation for college rather than face poor conditions and racism outside of camp. She also considered applying to the open library position in Manzanar to gain more knowledge and experience. Ch. 3: Lists what is needed to be considered when making goals. Lily wishes to be well-rounded and to catch up on popular books and magazines so she can be a social success. She believes it necessary to earn the respect of others and to understand others well. Ch. 4: Lily had hoped to attend UCLA or USC to study music education. Now, she has been looking at other schools around the country, including Washington State. She then includes a run-down of what is offered at WSU and what has enticed her to apply there. Transcription is found in item: ecm_wells_9006. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: ecm_wells_0006


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