George Naohara's handwritten annotations

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CSU Dominguez Hills George and Mitzi Naohara Papers

English translation of the annotations from "George Naohara photo album" (csudh_nao_0001), page 12: [Right] Japan declared a war, and Japanese Imperial Army attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. When the war broke out, Yuta Masukawa was visiting Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. He rode on a streetcar to get to Little Tokyo and bought a record, "Shina no yoru," for his sister, Mitsuko. [Left] Alameda Street was a busy street and streetcars were running alongside the street. There was a Japanese school, which was called "Banguru," on the west side of the street. I visited the post office to check my incoming mails. There was nothing for me. I came here, following my uncle, Koichi Naohara, who had been already settled in the United States. Although I came to the U.S. all the way from Japan traveling by a big ship called "Kamakura-maru," there were no jobs available for me because of the Great Depression. I had a decent job in Japan, working for a post office, which was a Japanese government job, near the Hiroshima Station, and it was difficult for me to accept a job which paid me only 30 cents per hour in the U.S. While I was spending time alone and feeling lonely, I met Masukawa family which had eight children. I was pleased to learn that Mrs. Masukawa was Shuzo Myoren's sister who was from Karuga Asa-gun, Hiroshima. Once I met Mitzi, one of the Maskawa family's daughters, I fell in love. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: nao_01_012

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