Tulean dispatch magazine section: holiday edition

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UC Santa Barbara Robert Billigmeier Collection

Monthly publication at Tule Lake incarceration camp including stories, poems, commentary and creative writing. Current issue includes: "An editorial" by Howard M. Imazeki; "Her name is woman" by Riley O'Suga; "Christmas tree" by Shuji Kimura; "Six old bachelors" by Miyoko Takagi; "Looking back" by Eugene Okada; "Great American tragedy" by Tsuyoshi Nakamura; "Pure hell" by Yukio Ozaki; "Junior miss" by Glenn Sato; poetry by Ken Yasuda and Harumi Mary Sakai; "Corn on the cob" by Toko Fujii; Illustrations by Mas Inada, Dick Kurihara, Mas Hirata, and Mosao Goi. Current issue contains a special school section of work by children including: "Christmas last year" by Henry Akiyana; "Back home" by Chiyoko Ishibashi; Poetry by Irene Yoshimura, Reiko Higashi, Minoru Manji, and Ken Miura; Illustrations by Takeshi Yamamoto, Taeko Masui, Florence Oshiro, Bobbie Eto, and Lois Ono. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: mei_03_16_001




Department of Special Research Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library

[Title of item], Robert Billigmeier Collection, CEMA 60, Department of Special Collections, University Library, University of California, Santa Barbara

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