Excerpts from speech given at the University of Hawaii Forum, March 1943

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ddr-csujad-19-3 (CSUJAD Local ID: WRA_02-15_01, CSUJAD Project ID: csun_wra_0003)

CSU Northridge War Relocation Authority Collection

Excerpts from speech given at the University of Hawaii Forum, March 1943. The document presents three quoted passages from the speech, one concerning the role of people of "the Japanese race" in serving as liaisons who can provide the most reliable check on the morale, needs, and activities of "the Japanese community"; one comparing the United States's actions to "give one of the enemy race a fair cha[n]ce to prove himself," as in Hawaii, to actions Himmler or Rosenberg would have undertaken; and one distinguishing "Japan and her people" from "Americans of Japanese blood," saying that "until they prove ... traitorous, they should be treated as Americans." See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: WRA_02-15_01


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