Bulletin, no. 6, September 4, 1942

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CSU Japanese American History Digitization Project
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CSU Northridge Relief and Support Groups for Japanese Americans During World War II Collection

Bulletin No. 6, titled: Remember Pearl Harbor. Decrying misinformation accusing people of Japanese descent of sabotage during the attack on Pearl Harbor, the document seeks "to aid in combating the malicious stories which still persist concerning sabotage" there. The report includes numerous items from 1942, including newspaper and magazine articles, and columns from the Chicago Daily News, Pacific Citizen, and Christian Century; affidavits, statements, and reports from Fourth Interim Report of the House of Representatives Select Committee Investigating National Defense Migration (Tolan Committee), May, 1942; excerpts from Blake Clark's book 'Remember Pearl Harbor; and "stories of Japanese American heroism and sacrifice for the cause of the United States" on the day of the attack. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: RSG_03-01_01


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California State University, Northridge. University Library. Special Collections & Archives

Relief and Support Groups for Japanese Americans During World War II Collection, Special Collections & Archives, University Library, California State University, Northridge

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