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Roger Daniels Interview Segment 3 (ddr-densho-1012-17-3)
vh Roger Daniels Interview Segment 3 (ddr-densho-1012-17-3)
Rumors and the Japanese American community before and after the bombing of Pearl Harbor (audio only)

This interview is audio-only. It contains raw footage used by Steven Okazaki in his 1985 film Unfinished Business.

This material is based upon work assisted by a grant from the Department of the Interior, National Park Service. Any opinions, …

Shosuke Sasaki Interview Segment 5 (ddr-densho-1002-2-5)
vh Shosuke Sasaki Interview Segment 5 (ddr-densho-1002-2-5)
Thoughts on the bombing of Pearl Harbor, memories of anti-Japanese sentiment in the American press

This interview was conducted by sisters Emiko and Chizuko Omori for their 1999 documentary, Rabbit in the Moon, about the Japanese American resisters of conscience in the World War II incarceration camps. As a result, the interviews in this collection …

Memo from Delos Emmons to John J. McCloy (ddr-densho-67-45)
doc Memo from Delos Emmons to John J. McCloy (ddr-densho-67-45)
Memorandum from Delos Emmons, Lieutenant General, U.S. Army, to John J. McCloy, Assistant Secretary of War, regarding a previous report on the Japanese in Hawaii. In this memo, Emmons refutes much of the information in the report. He dispels many of the rumors about the Hawaiian Japanese and admonishes the author of the report for being …
Letter titled:
doc Letter titled: "General Sabotage" (ddr-densho-67-37)
Letter from James Hughes, Captain, M.I.D. Intelligence Officer. States that an informant of Japanese ancestry gave information that there would be a signal given for a general wave of sabotage participated in by Germans, Italians, and Japanese.
Memo Re: General DeWitt's report on the Japanese evacuation (ddr-densho-67-75)
doc Memo Re: General DeWitt's report on the Japanese evacuation (ddr-densho-67-75)
Memo from Francis Biddle to Harold Ickes on DeWitt's Final Report. Biddle informs Ickes that parts of DeWitt's report have been refuted by the Federal Communications Commission. Suggests that the information the government received about ship-to-shore signaling and other sabotage was inaccurate.
doc "Today And Tomorrow: The Fifth Column On The Coast" (ddr-densho-67-1)
Article written by Walter Lippmann for the Washington Post. Calls on the U.S. government to take action against persons of Japanese ancestry in military zones, aliens and citizens alike.
Memo from James Fly to Francis Biddle (ddr-densho-67-77)
doc Memo from James Fly to Francis Biddle (ddr-densho-67-77)
Memo from James Fly to Francis Biddle on the incompetence of the Army's Intelligence division. Fly informs Biddle that all of the Army's reports on illegal radio signaling were false. Suggests that the Army's Radio Intelligence Division was so inept that they consistently misinterpreted data, which was unquestioned by J.L. DeWitt. Calls the entire division "pathetic" …
doc Memo: "Reported Bombing and Shelling of the West Coast" (ddr-densho-67-19)
Memo to the Attorney General from J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI. Refutes statements made in J.L. DeWitt's Final Report that there was espionage activity conducted by Japanese on the West Coast immediately following Pearl Harbor. The FBI investigated all allegations, and found no evidence to support such claims.