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Michio and June Toshiyuki (ddr-csujad-8-77)
doc Michio and June Toshiyuki (ddr-csujad-8-77)
Oral history interview with Michio and June Toshiyuki. Information on the oral history project is found in: csuf_stp_0012A; Glossary in: csuf_stp_0014. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: FCPL Toshiyuki, Michio and June
Memo from Delos Emmons to John J. McCloy (ddr-densho-67-45)
doc Memo from Delos Emmons to John J. McCloy (ddr-densho-67-45)
Memorandum from Delos Emmons, Lieutenant General, U.S. Army, to John J. McCloy, Assistant Secretary of War, regarding a previous report on the Japanese in Hawaii. In this memo, Emmons refutes much of the information in the report. He dispels many of the rumors about the Hawaiian Japanese and admonishes the author of the report for being ...