Higher education

The Issei (first-generation Japanese immigrants) put great emphasis on education as a means of succeeding in the U.S. While many Nisei (second-generation Japanese Americans) obtained college degrees, they found professions closed to them. It was not uncommon for educated nisei to be forced to settle for menial jobs in the ethnic community. Frequently, Japanese Americans could find jobs commensurate with their education only by becoming independent professionals such as doctors and dentists providing services to the Japanese community. The World War II incarceration interrupted thousands of students' university educations.

Education (254)
Higher education (591)

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591 items
img "Michi and Doris clowning around near a traffic stop sign" (ddr-densho-259-506)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "Michi [Yasui] and Doris [Hansen] clowning around near a traffic stop sign."
Japanese American man (ddr-densho-26-196)
img Japanese American man (ddr-densho-26-196)
Young Japanese American man lounging on the grass at the University of Washington campus
Japanese Americans at the University of Washington (ddr-densho-26-195)
img Japanese Americans at the University of Washington (ddr-densho-26-195)
A group of Japanese Americans pose in front of the George Washington statue located on the campus of the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. The statue was created by Lorado Taft, also the sculptor of the Fountain of Time.
National Intercollegiate Bowling Championship team (ddr-densho-26-254)
img National Intercollegiate Bowling Championship team (ddr-densho-26-254)
The University of Washington bowling team won the Intercollegiate Bowling Championship in 1956.
Education building (ddr-densho-287-104)
img Education building (ddr-densho-287-104)
Photograph of 4 unidentfied women standing in front of the enterence of the Education Building.
Group of three women (ddr-densho-287-30)
img Group of three women (ddr-densho-287-30)
Photograph of three young women locking arms and smiling in front of a building on Oregon State College's campus (currently known as Oregon State University). On the far left is Molly (Kageyama) Maeda, in the center is Lena, and on the far right is Emi. Written on the album page below the bottom right corner is …
Speech (ddr-densho-287-78)
img Speech (ddr-densho-287-78)
Photograph of a crowd sitting and standing around listening to a speech oustide.
Ray Konika (ddr-densho-287-101)
img Ray Konika (ddr-densho-287-101)
Photograph of Ray Konika standing outside a building. Written along the bottom right corner is "Ray Konika" in black ink.
Graduation (ddr-densho-287-45)
img Graduation (ddr-densho-287-45)
Photograph of an unidentified woman standing oustide in her graduation cap and gown.
Jean Akita (ddr-densho-287-145)
img Jean Akita (ddr-densho-287-145)
Photograph of two women with a camera in the background. Wirtten along the bottome of the image is "Jean Akita O.S.C 1940-'41" in black ink. Written on the back is "Jean Akita Hayashi Oregon State campus 1940-'41 (?)" in black ink.
Library (ddr-densho-287-701)
img Library (ddr-densho-287-701)
Photograph of the library building at Oregon State College (now Oregon State University). Written on the album page below the image is "Library" in black ink. Identical to ddr-densho-304.
Elmer and Jack (ddr-densho-287-197)
img Elmer and Jack (ddr-densho-287-197)
Photograph of two men standing with third crouched down behind them. The two men standing are Elmer Anderson (left) and Jack Anderson (right). The man crouching is Bud Wolf. Weitten on the album page below the image is "Elmer Anderson Jack Anderson (Not Brothers) Bud Wolf" in white ink.
Graduation portrait (ddr-densho-287-22)
img Graduation portrait (ddr-densho-287-22)
Portrait photograph of an unidentified woman in a graduation cap and gown.
Band (ddr-densho-287-79)
img Band (ddr-densho-287-79)
Photograph of a crowd from behind the Oregon State College band.
Mikie Kageyama Graduation Portrait (ddr-densho-287-708)
img Mikie Kageyama Graduation Portrait (ddr-densho-287-708)
Portrait of Mikie (Kageyama) Yasui in a Graduation cap and gown. Written on the image in the lower right corner is "Mikie Kageyama" in blue ink.
Women's Weekend Chairmen (ddr-densho-287-88)
img Women's Weekend Chairmen (ddr-densho-287-88)
Photograph of the Women's Weekend chairwomen standing on the steps of a building. Second from the right is Molly (Kageyama) Maeda.
Class of 1938 Electrical Engineers (ddr-densho-287-690)
img Class of 1938 Electrical Engineers (ddr-densho-287-690)
Group photograph of 26 men. The image is of the Oregon State College (not Oregon State University) Electrical Engineering Class of 1938. Written on the image are the numbers 1-26. Identified: 1 Bob Welty 2 Milton Maeda 3 Fred Clausen 4 Vic Carson 5 Dan Smith 6 Dav Fulton 7 Dav Cox 8 Phil Brownell 9 …
Group on steps (ddr-densho-287-82)
img Group on steps (ddr-densho-287-82)
Photograph of 9 people posing for a picture on the steps of the Women's Building. Second from the right in the front row is Molly (Kageyama) Maeda.
Graduation Portrait (ddr-densho-287-650)
img Graduation Portrait (ddr-densho-287-650)
Portrait of Milton Maeda in a graduation cap and gown.
Album 2 (ddr-densho-287-151)
doc Album 2 (ddr-densho-287-151)
Milton Maeda's brown photo album of pre-war life including photographs of travel to Salem, Oregon; Yakama, Washington; and Alaska to visit friends and work in canneries, and college life.