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476 items
doc "Indians Make Tea For Cats At W.S. Today" (ddr-densho-280-90)
"Broadway Whims" article on the Broadway Bengals baseball team's upcoming game against the West Seattle Indians.
Beginning of baseball season article (ddr-densho-280-54)
doc Beginning of baseball season article (ddr-densho-280-54)
"Broadway Whims" article on the new Broadway high school baseball team--taking a look at the old veterans and new rookie players.
doc "Umemura's Unbelievable 'Oofties' Unfold 'Oomph'" (ddr-densho-280-68)
"Broadway Whims" article on a trip the Broadway press took to Snohomish high school to witness the win of the basketball team.
doc "Tiger Cagers Invade Steep Hilltop Today" (ddr-densho-280-89)
"Broadway Whims" article on the Broadway Bengals basketball team's upcoming game against the Queen Anne Grizzlies.
doc "Small Lunchrooms Will Better Noon Conditions" (ddr-densho-280-101)
"Broadway Whims" article on improvements being made to Broadway High's cafeteria.
doc "Locals Tangle 'Unknown' Eagle Hoopsters Tonight" (ddr-densho-280-83)
"Broadway Whims" article about the upcoming basketball game between the Broadway Bengals and the Cleveland Eagles.
doc "Snohomish High Blitzkrieged By Army Of Ravenous Whims Staff Vultures" (ddr-densho-280-80)
"Broadway Whims" article on the newspaper staff visiting Snohomish High's newspaper staff to learn from them and tour their facilities.
doc "Bill Lund Catches Thirteenth Prize In Prep Fish Derby" (ddr-densho-280-75)
"Broadway Whims" article on Bill Lund, who won 13th place at the Seattle Exchange Club high school salmon derby.
doc "Williams Beats Barret For Study Post" (ddr-densho-280-77)
"Broadway Whims" article on the election of the new study hall attendant's club at Broadway High.
doc "500 Rooters Will See Tigers-Teddies Mix Here" (ddr-densho-280-94)
"Broadway Whims" article on the crowds of spectators expected for an upcoming basketball game against Roosevelt High.
doc "Herb Robinson: Broadway's alums haven't surrendered" (ddr-densho-280-84)
Article on the debate surrounding the old Broadway High building and whether it should be completely torn down or renovated.
doc "Locals Prepare To Apply Brakes On Losing Streak" (ddr-densho-280-59)
"Broadway Whims" article on the Bengals baseball team breaking their losing streak.
doc "Journal Asks Study Facts" (ddr-densho-280-78)
"Broadway Whims" article on the unique study hall system of Broadway High and national interest in the program.
doc "Salmon Derby Fishermen Set For Finals Tomorrow" (ddr-densho-280-79)
"Broadway Whims" article on the upcoming Salmon Derby finals and Broadway High's participants.
doc "Rogers Calls For Aspiring Young Yell Team Enthusiasts" (ddr-densho-280-76)
"Broadway Whims" article advertises available positions on the Broadway High yell team.
doc "Girls Sell Candy At Senior Play" (ddr-densho-280-99)
"Broadway Whims" article advertising the study hall attendants' club selling candy at Broadway High play.
doc "Horse-Hiders Prime For Initial Tilt With Ballard" (ddr-densho-280-56)
"Broadway Whims" article on Broadway High's upcoming baseball game against Ballard High Beavers.
doc "P.G.'s Elect Alan Duncan As Prexy" (ddr-densho-280-98)
"Broadway Whims" article on Broadway High's post-graduate group elections.
doc "Bengals Make Expedition To Salmon Bay This P.M." (ddr-densho-280-57)
"Broadway Whims" article on upcoming baseball game between Broadway Bengals and Salmon Bay Shingleweavers.
doc "Bengals Beat Ballard 29-24" (ddr-densho-280-64)
"Broadway Whims" article on the Broadway Bengals basketball team win over Ballard Beavers.
doc "Fishermen's Club Eye Prep Derby At Tuesday Meet" (ddr-densho-280-69)
"Broadway Whims" article on the Broadway High Fishermen's club and their upcoming events.