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Nisei boys at beach (ddr-densho-138-1)
img Nisei boys at beach (ddr-densho-138-1)
Swimming at Sandpoint in North Seattle. Back row: Yosh Hirata. Middle row (L to R): Rick Tanagi, Roy Tanagi, Ko Abe. Front row (L to R): Esther Hiyama, Kame Uyeji, George Tanagi.
Japanese American girls (ddr-densho-26-52)
img Japanese American girls (ddr-densho-26-52)
Yanagihara sisters pose while on a swimming outing with their family.
Japanese American family (ddr-densho-26-51)
img Japanese American family (ddr-densho-26-51)
Yanagihara family pose while on a swimming outing.
Michiyuki Mitch Nakamura ready to swim in the lake (ddr-densho-336-44)
img Michiyuki Mitch Nakamura ready to swim in the lake (ddr-densho-336-44)
Michiyuki Mitch Nakamura at the 1946 Lake Sequoia Retreat summer camp.
Russian River (ddr-densho-357-235)
img Russian River (ddr-densho-357-235)
Delegates swim in the Russian River during an outing at an Oakland Young Men's and Women's Buddhist Association Conference.
Group photograph on beach (ddr-densho-359-705)
img Group photograph on beach (ddr-densho-359-705)
A group of men, women and children pose for a photograph on a beach.
Two women in bathing suits (ddr-densho-359-251)
img Two women in bathing suits (ddr-densho-359-251)
Caption under the photograph in the album "Bathing Beauties".
At the beach (ddr-densho-359-708)
img At the beach (ddr-densho-359-708)
Two people enjoy the water while visiting the beach.
Swimming at hot springs (ddr-densho-359-262)
img Swimming at hot springs (ddr-densho-359-262)
Group of Japanese American swimming at the Olympic Hot Springs in Olympic National Park.
Woman in swimsuit (ddr-densho-359-712)
img Woman in swimsuit (ddr-densho-359-712)
A woman sits on a rock in her swimsuit. Caption in album is written in Japanese.
Photograph proofs (ddr-densho-359-489)
img Photograph proofs (ddr-densho-359-489)
A sheet of photograph proofs including scenes of a children's program and beach scenes. Written on the back of the sheet is " Dec 5 - 1962".