Facilities, services, and camp administration


Facilities, services, and camp administration (704)

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Larry R. Pacheco Interview Segment 6 (ddr-densho-1000-397-6)
vh Larry R. Pacheco Interview Segment 6 (ddr-densho-1000-397-6)
Assigned to serve as a guard at the Tule Lake concentration camp

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Scrapbook (ddr-densho-361-1)
img Scrapbook (ddr-densho-361-1)
Written on tape on cover: "This scrapbook is original--1942 Nobuko Omoto (Sakai) Bainbridge Island, WA. Please handle with care."
doc "List of Tuleans" (ddr-densho-291-39)
A listing of the people moved from Tule Lake to Minidoka. Also includes a notice to those living in Minidoka explaining the plans for housing the new residents.
Censored postcard from Japan (ddr-densho-13-22)
doc Censored postcard from Japan (ddr-densho-13-22)
This postcard was sent to Yoshi Asaba in Minidoka concentration camp from her mother, Iku Asaba, who was living in Kanagawa prefecture in Japan.
Assembly center coupon book (ddr-densho-25-76)
doc Assembly center coupon book (ddr-densho-25-76)
Japanese Americans in the assembly centers could purchase coupon books for merchandise at Wartime Civil Control Admininistration stores. Each camp inmate was issued his or her own book, which contained stamps to be detached and exchanged for small items.
Fire crew (ddr-densho-37-693)
img Fire crew (ddr-densho-37-693)
Original WRA caption: The fire crew of station #1 swings into action.
Bank and newsstand (ddr-densho-37-361)
img Bank and newsstand (ddr-densho-37-361)
Original WRA caption: A view of the bank and newsstand at this War Relocation Authority center for evacuees of Japanese ancestry. The bank is open on Tuesdays and Fridays only.
Confiscated weapons (ddr-densho-37-98)
img Confiscated weapons (ddr-densho-37-98)
According to the WRA, the items shown were considered concealed weapons and were confiscated.
Baggage inspection (ddr-densho-37-158)
img Baggage inspection (ddr-densho-37-158)
Original WRA caption: Border Patrolmen, under the direction of the Department of Justice, inspect the baggage of women going to Crystal City, Tex. Internment Camp.
Administration office workers (ddr-densho-37-172)
img Administration office workers (ddr-densho-37-172)
Original WRA caption: Tule Lake Relocation Center, Newell, California. Evacuee stenographers and clerks at work in Administrative Office.
Administration building (ddr-densho-37-825)
img Administration building (ddr-densho-37-825)
Original WRA caption: Minidoka Relocation Center, Hunt, Idaho. Main administration building.