Facilities, services, and camp administration


Facilities, services, and camp administration (704)

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Manzanar Children's Village

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Daily Press Review, Vol. V, No. 11 (ddr-densho-156-251)
doc Daily Press Review, Vol. V, No. 11 (ddr-densho-156-251)
Article titles: "Graduates of U.W. Teach at Jap Camp"; "Nevada Legion Seeks to Curb U.S. Japanese"; "Japanese Plead to Aid with Crops"; "Machinery is Set Up for Japanese Labor"; "Still a Japanese"; "Japanese Colony Population Reaches Almost 10,000 Mark"; "Japanese Evacuees Begin Work in South Idaho Harvest Fields"; "Behind the News"; "80 Negroes ...
Daily Press Review, Vol. VI, No. 22 (ddr-densho-156-286)
doc Daily Press Review, Vol. VI, No. 22 (ddr-densho-156-286)
Article titles: "Japanese Evacuees in Arizona a Contented and Happy Group"; "Klamath Group to Continue Japanese Probe"; "Manzanar Project Director Transferred"; "Guards at Newell to Have Cookies"; "Legion Official Would Send Japanese Home to Refute Propaganda"; "Nisei, Prisoner in Japan, Arrives"; "Lost Records Block Inquiry of Jap Bank"; "Nippon Aliens Entitled to Maintain Lawsuits"; "Shut-Down Order ...
Digest of Information No. 29 (ddr-densho-156-389)
doc Digest of Information No. 29 (ddr-densho-156-389)
Section titles: "Board of Review to Sift Manzanar Evidence"; "Staff Changes"; "Employment Division Expanding"; "Report from Tokyo"; "48-Hour Week Established"; "Reports Officer Named"; "Priorities"; "Spanish Consul Visits Gila"; "Cameras Obtained"; "Review Committee Named"; "Group Activities Statement"; "Buying Typewriters"; "58 Wagons to Arkansas Centers"; "Reports Officer Named"; "Confers With Magazine Editors"; "Quarterly Report Issued"; "Exclusion Program"; "Hawaiian ...
Daily Press Review, Vol. V, No. 17 (ddr-densho-156-257)
doc Daily Press Review, Vol. V, No. 17 (ddr-densho-156-257)
Article titles: "Jap-American is Sentenced"; "Jap Labor Being Recruited"; "Farmers Protest Grog Sales to Jap Evacuees"; "Trainload of Japs Passes Through to State's Beet Fields"; "New York Optical Company Building Factory at Center"; "Activities of Heart Mountain, Wyoming"; by Bill Hosokawa"; "Scott Taggart to Heart Mountain Job"; "Speaker Tells of Jap Camp Near Jerome"; "8 ...
Daily Press Review, Vol. VI, No. 18 (ddr-densho-156-282)
doc Daily Press Review, Vol. VI, No. 18 (ddr-densho-156-282)
Article titles: "Travel Ruling Given for Japs"; "Tulelake FSA Camp Shows Peak Registration for '42"; "Members of Twin Falls Rotary Club Visit at Minidoka"; "Items from Topaz"; "Capable Girl 'Firemen' on Duty at Hunt"; "Hunt Center Pushes Ahead in Big Job of Educating Youths"; "No Wastefulness at Topaz Project, Says Dodgson"; "Topaz Children Banned from Census ...
Concentration camp entrance (ddr-densho-159-216)
img Concentration camp entrance (ddr-densho-159-216)
Also pictured are the MP station and property office.
Information Digest No. 45 (ddr-densho-156-403)
doc Information Digest No. 45 (ddr-densho-156-403)
Section titles: "Dies Charges Answered"; "Fire Losses Small"; "Indefinite Leaves Drop"; "Number Returning to Centers Not Large"; Heart Mountain Turns Down Co-op"; "Property Survey Under Way"; "House Passes Appropriation Bill"; "No Court Decision Set"; "Leaflets Prepared by Agriculture"; "Gila Net Factory Closed"; "Information Assembled for Evacuees"; "Summer Activities Programs Started"; "Punch Cards Received"; "Analysts at Projects ...
Dealing with Japanese-Americans (ddr-densho-156-102)
doc Dealing with Japanese-Americans (ddr-densho-156-102)
Attachment forwarded to WRA staff members by Dillon S. Myer. The attachment was written by John F. Embree, Documents Section, Office of Reports.
doc Memorandum: "Use of the terms 'Japanese', 'Camps' and 'Internment'" (ddr-densho-156-100)
Copy of a memo sent to Regional Directors and Project Directors by WRA Director Dillon S. Myer.
Weekly Press Review No. 28 (ddr-densho-156-340)
doc Weekly Press Review No. 28 (ddr-densho-156-340)
Original summary excerpt: The colume [volume] of clippings this week continued to be light, the Byrnes statement occupying the foreground and Dies Committee actvities (since early June the major single source of clippings) drawing little press interest.
Information Roundup Vol. IV, No. 1 (ddr-densho-156-371)
doc Information Roundup Vol. IV, No. 1 (ddr-densho-156-371)
Section titles: "Manpower Board Appointed at Gila"; "Personal Property Being Shipped"; "Movements to Beet Fields Continue"; "Handbill Printed"; "Functions of Military Police Stated"; "Alaskans at Minidoka"; "Around the Projects"; "Population: 66,935."
Daily Press Review, Vol. VII, No. 19 (ddr-densho-156-308)
doc Daily Press Review, Vol. VII, No. 19 (ddr-densho-156-308)
Article titles: "Boy Scouts Protect Flag at Manzanar"; "Larger Guard for Japs at Manzanar"; "Water Supply for Jap Farms"; "Church Seeks Homes for Jap Evacuees"; "4 Japs Jailed at Denver in Fight With Army Police"; "Internee Admits Attempted Bribery"; "Evacuee Labor Requests Grow"; "Grand Jury Votes to Exclude Japs from Citizenship"; "Interned Jap Aliens Now Number ...
Daily Press Review, Vol. III, No. 10 (ddr-densho-156-211)
doc Daily Press Review, Vol. III, No. 10 (ddr-densho-156-211)
Article titles: "Zone Violation Jails Japanese for Six Months"; "Tulelake-Newell Traffic Reported Nearly Normal"; "War Hysteria, 1918 and 1942"; "Japanese Center to be Self-Supporting"; "Evacuation of Japanese from Military Areas Explained"; "Churches Appoint Women to Assist Japs in Colorado"; "Second Child Born at Tule Lake Relocation Center"; "Farm Help from Evacuees Major Topic of Session"; "As ...
Information Digest No. 44 (ddr-densho-156-402)
doc Information Digest No. 44 (ddr-densho-156-402)
Section titles: "Supreme Court Hears Cases"; "Increase in Relocation Shown"; "Farm Machinery to be Requisitioned"; "Property Officers at Centers"; "Construction Progress"; "Canning at Centers Possible"; "Exclusion Officer Appointed"; "Navy Orders Models"; "Change in Relocation Officers"; "Families Moved to Crystal City"; "Project Directors to Meet"; "Myer Holds Press Conference"; "Answer to Denver Post Prepared"; "Navy Orders Posters ...
Information Digest No. 42 (ddr-densho-156-400)
doc Information Digest No. 42 (ddr-densho-156-400)
Section titles: "Senate Hearings Continue"; "WPB Approvals"; "Sentry Held for Court-Martial"; "Budget Sent to House"; "Supreme Court to Hear Cases"; "Leupp Ready for Occupancy"; "Leave Applications Sent to FBI"; "Population Rosters Received"; "Military Areas Established"; "Water Situation Critical at Gila"; Public Attitude Improves in Michigan"; "Motion Picture Scheduled"; "Plans for Financing Recreation Programs"; "Memorandum to Field ...
Weekly Press Review No. 16 (ddr-densho-156-328)
doc Weekly Press Review No. 16 (ddr-densho-156-328)
Original summary excerpt: From a public relations standpoint, the food situation at Heart Mountain was a major press issue of the week. Seven articles by Jack Carberry in the Denver Post attacked WRA's administration of the project. Appealing to the emotions of readers recently aroused by the Tokyo executions, these articles were notable for half ...
Weekly Press Review No. 31 (ddr-densho-156-343)
doc Weekly Press Review No. 31 (ddr-densho-156-343)
Original summary excerpt: Segregation continued to hold top honors as a source of news this week. Reports on the appointment of Raymond R. Best as Tule Lake director stressed his previous experince at Minidoka, Moab and Leupp, and quoted denial of field administrator, Robert Cozzens, that changes were a "shakeup". Reports of a proposed enlargement of ...