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Manzanar Children's Village

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Information Digest No. 47 (ddr-densho-156-405)
doc Information Digest No. 47 (ddr-densho-156-405)
Section titles: "Summary of Segregation Meeting"; "WAC's to Open to Nisei Girls"; "Director Myer to Speak"; "WRA Divisional Officials Meet"; "Dies Committee Investigation"; "Departures on Indefinite Leave"; "Returns to Centers"; "Statistical Reports"; "Senate Military Affairs Committee Recommendations"; "Processing of Center-Produced Vegetables"; "Gibson in New York"; "Education"; "Early Gripsholm Sailing Probable"; "Ishiyama Appointed"; "Administrative Procedures System Revised"; …
Weekly Press Review No. 61 (ddr-densho-156-366)
doc Weekly Press Review No. 61 (ddr-densho-156-366)
Original summary excerpts: News reports of the military service of nisei, which have constituted an ever expanding section of the Review since the War Department's announcement in January of the induction of Japanese-Americans, has become the largest source of WRA news this week. Although there were scattered favorable reports on the good records of members of …
Information Digest No. 39 (ddr-densho-156-397)
doc Information Digest No. 39 (ddr-densho-156-397)
Section titles: "Registration Nears Completion"; "Military Area Boundary Moved"; "Senator Chandler at Manzanar"; "Leave Clearances"; "More NPB Approvals"; "Staff Housing Acute at Gila"; "Budget Hearings Here"; "Medical Personnel Needed"; "Core Curriculum Successful"; "Status of Construction Projects"; "Archivist Appointed"; "From Project Papers"; "Co-ops to be Reorganized"; "Library Notes"; "Community Analysis Program Outlined."
Daily Press Review, Vol. VII, No. 9 (ddr-densho-156-298)
doc Daily Press Review, Vol. VII, No. 9 (ddr-densho-156-298)
Article titles: "Manzanar Japs to Receive Old School Textbooks"; "Newell Talks Enlistment vs. Induction"; "Relocation Official Speaks to Altrusans"; "Soldiers Spend Furloughs at Heart Mountain"; "Cotton Crop Not Saved by Japanese"; "Items from Topaz"; "Japanese-American Couple Married"; "Letters From People."
Digest of Information No. 13 (ddr-densho-156-385)
doc Digest of Information No. 13 (ddr-densho-156-385)
Section titles: "Conference Opens Monday"; "Heart Mountain Center Opens"; "2,319 Seek Repatriation"; "Relocation Projects to be Military Areas"; "Magazine Articles Published"; "Relocation Postoffices Named"; "Name Project Medical Center"; "Railroad Asks 500 Workers"; "Gila Memo Awaits Final Signature"; "Housel to Denver"; "To Analyze Subsistence Costs"; "Japanese File Protest"; "Jobs Offered in Chicago Area"; "Project Medical Guide Prepared"; …
Information Digest No. 51 (ddr-densho-156-409)
doc Information Digest No. 51 (ddr-densho-156-409)
Section titles: "Elmer Rowalt, Deputy Director, Passes Away"; "Segregation Completed"; "Welfare Section Interviews Thousands at Tule Lake"; "American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars Resolutions"; "Departure on Indefinite Leave"; "Employment of Evacuees by Federal Agencies Gaining Favor"; "Project Employment Set-up Revised"; "Personnel Changes"; "Informational Literature for Evacuees to be Distributed"; "Student Relocation Council to be Disolved …
Daily Press Review, Vol. V, No. 12 (ddr-densho-156-252)
doc Daily Press Review, Vol. V, No. 12 (ddr-densho-156-252)
Article titles: "Five Who Urged Revolt in Harlem and Aid to Japanese are Indicted"; "Evacuated Japanese Leave Director Lot of Headaches"; "150 Pickers are Needed in Prune Harvest"; "Farm Labor Camp Prepared for Japanese"; "New Mexico Cotton Crop Threatened"; "Civil Liberties Union Asks Roosevelt's Policy on Nisei"; Wyoming Farm Labor Shortage to be Probed"; "Smith Hits …
Daily Press Review, Vol. IV, No. 8 (ddr-densho-156-230)
doc Daily Press Review, Vol. IV, No. 8 (ddr-densho-156-230)
Article titles: "Righting a Wrong"; "Camp Construction Now in Home Stretch"; "Project Director Talks to Cody Club on Japanese Colony"; "Japanese Colony Will be a Cross Section of America"; "Congressman Hero Inspecting Camp Heart Mountain"; "Newsnotes from Manzanar"; "Manzanar from the Inside"; "The Olson Follies--"; "Fruit Men See Big Labor Need"; "Discuss Plans for Farm Labor"; …
Weekly Press Review No. 3, 4 and 5 (ddr-densho-156-317)
doc Weekly Press Review No. 3, 4 and 5 (ddr-densho-156-317)
Original summary: Announcement that a combat unit of Nisei youth was to be formed aroused a great deal of press attention, in the form of news articles and editorials throughout the country. Editorial opinion was almost univerally favorable to the plan. Also of considerable interest was WRA's announced plan to resettle evacuees in private industry in …
Information Digest No. 32 (ddr-densho-156-392)
doc Information Digest No. 32 (ddr-densho-156-392)
Section titles: "Senate Committee to Investigate"; "Outline Evacuee Property Policies"; "Chicago Employment Conference"; "Smart Completes Study"; "To Meet with Reports Officers"; "WRA Meetings on Construction Continue"; "Spanish Consuls Visit Centers"; "Industrial Equipment Available"; "Ade's Trip Productive"; "Employment to Take Over Student Leave"; "Ration Boards to be Set Up"; "Personnel Division Adds to Staff"; "Bates in Washington"; …
Information Digest No. 43 (ddr-densho-156-401)
doc Information Digest No. 43 (ddr-densho-156-401)
Section titles: "Evacuated Area Opened to Nisei Soldiers"; "Leupp Center Opened"; "Issei to be Eligible for Councils"; "Leave Clearances Issued"; "WPB Approvals"; "Heart Mountain Under Fire"; "Mrs. Roosevelt at Gila"; "Leave Figures Compiled"; "Movie to be Done by WRA"; "Poston Chronicle in Print"; "Sugar Beet Wages Increased"; "Rohwer Co-op Incorporated"; "Court Postpones Arguments"; "Repatriation Policy Clarified"; …
Daily Press Review, Vol. VII, No. 15 (ddr-densho-156-304)
doc Daily Press Review, Vol. VII, No. 15 (ddr-densho-156-304)
Article titles: "Japs Given Additional Time to Return to Cody Camp"; "Tulelake C.E. Has Joint Meet With Japanese Society"; "Prize Photo of 'Little Refugee'"; "Siskiyou Daily News Scores Jap Discipline"; "Editorial: 'Merritt Project Director'"; "Letters from the People."
Information Roundup Vol. III, No. 8 (ddr-densho-156-367)
doc Information Roundup Vol. III, No. 8 (ddr-densho-156-367)
Section titles: "Transfer to Heart Mountain Scheduled"; "Attorneys Appointed"; "Guayule Project to be Experimental"; "Activities at Tule Lake"; "Net Factory for Poston"; "Reported in 'Press Bulletin'"; "Beet Workers Leave Tonight."
Daily Press Review, Vol. III, No. 14 (ddr-densho-156-217)
doc Daily Press Review, Vol. III, No. 14 (ddr-densho-156-217)
Article titles: "Letters to Editors"; "Mexico Puts Limit on Farm Labor Export"; "Court Asked to Question DeWitt's Right to Intern Japanese-Americans."
Daily Press Review, Vol. III, No. 16 (ddr-densho-156-218)
doc Daily Press Review, Vol. III, No. 16 (ddr-densho-156-218)
Article titles: "American-Born Japs Allowed to Enter War Poster Contest"; "Utah Officials Study Evacuee Education Problem"; "Japanese Workers Help in Idaho Beet-Thinning"; "More Traitors"; "Aliens are Called Eager to Assist America in War"; "Colombia Moves Axis Citizens"; "Tule Lake Project Population 10,946"; "War Relocation Authority Opens Cody Office"; "Evacuated Japs Dine as Family Unit"; "Wilkes Leaves …
Weekly Press Review No. 46 (ddr-densho-156-359)
doc Weekly Press Review No. 46 (ddr-densho-156-359)
Original summary excerpts: Interest this week centered around the Dies sub-committee hearings on the Tule Lake disturbances. The hearings, however, received considerable competition as well as impetus from the reports of the now historic "bathtub story", discovered by the Wash. D.C. TIMES HERALD, in a WRA publication titled "Midwest Frontiers", which was released by the Cleveland …
Weekly Press Review No. 41 (ddr-densho-156-354)
doc Weekly Press Review No. 41 (ddr-densho-156-354)
Original summary excerpt: Reports of a farm strike at the Tule Lake segregation center were the greatest source of news this week. It was stated that residents of the area were demanding protection against the Japanese as the result of a local rancher's statement that he and members of the WRA staff, including the National Director, …
Daily Press Review, Vol. IV, No. 1 (ddr-densho-156-225)
doc Daily Press Review, Vol. IV, No. 1 (ddr-densho-156-225)
Article titles: "As You Might Say--"; "Americans Urged to Remedy Inequalities Against Races"; "Jap Evacuees to Leave Here on Sunday"; "Japanese Baby Boy Eating Dinner at Santa Anita Assembly Center"; "Governor Protests Free Hunting, Fishing Privileges for Japanese Evacuees"; "Center Receives New Jap Group"; "Failure to Heed Farm Labor Pleas Scored"; "Evacuation of Japs Hits Floral …