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Paul M. Nagano, Takie Okumura

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Painting of Easter service (ddr-manz-2-15)
img Painting of Easter service (ddr-manz-2-15)
Caption: "Easter sunrise service. Apr. 9 - 1944. Cold and windy at sunrise, the moon still shone over Mt. Williamson."
Minister and wife in front of barracks (ddr-densho-152-26)
img Minister and wife in front of barracks (ddr-densho-152-26)
A Presbyterian minister and his wife in front of their barracks in Heart Mountain concentration camp. Original caption: "These three pictures are of Rev. and Mrs. Donald Torumi. He's a young Nisei Presbyterian minister. A splendid fellow. His wife was a Y.W. secretary before their marriage. These three pictures were taken February 5. Elizabeth and I …