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Christianity (2504)

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2504 items
Members of the Japanese Baptist Church (ddr-densho-353-69)
img Members of the Japanese Baptist Church (ddr-densho-353-69)
The church was located on Jefferson Street. A note on the back indicates the 50th anniversary.
American Bible Society building (ddr-densho-353-302)
img American Bible Society building (ddr-densho-353-302)
The building was located on James Street near Boren, and was directed by the Rev. Ulysses Grant Murphy.
A group of men with walking sticks on Mt. Rainier (ddr-densho-353-401)
img A group of men with walking sticks on Mt. Rainier (ddr-densho-353-401)
Captioned: "Ten years later a group of teenagers climb Mt. Rainier with the Rev. Seizo Abe of the Japanese Congregational Church."
Theresa Hotaru Matsudaira (ddr-densho-330-304)
doc Theresa Hotaru Matsudaira (ddr-densho-330-304)
Three page document titled "Theresa Hotaru Matsudaira"
Priest sitting (ddr-densho-330-64)
img Priest sitting (ddr-densho-330-64)
Image is of a photograph in a photo album. Caption above photo says: Fr. Haggerty. Caption bellow photo says: Pastor
Portrait of priest (ddr-densho-330-74)
img Portrait of priest (ddr-densho-330-74)
Caption on slide says: FR John Murrett, MM - EARLY
Father John C. Murrett (ddr-densho-330-297)
img Father John C. Murrett (ddr-densho-330-297)
Note written on back: Father John C. Murrett MM. Queen of Martyrs Church
Elderly nun with young man (ddr-densho-330-293)
img Elderly nun with young man (ddr-densho-330-293)
Note written on back: "Sister Mary Gemma & Stevie Tokita Dec. 1989 Monrovia, CA"