Mr. and Mrs. Tamotsu

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ddr-csujad-57-9 (CSUJAD Local ID: FFC-0009, CSUJAD Project ID: wpl_ffc_0009)

Whittier Public Library First Friends Church Photographs and Records

A bride and groom stand onstage along side three men, two women and one flower girl. A woman stands ready to play the fiddle and another woman is seated at a piano. Rows of men, women and children are seated in rows of wooden chairs, some facing the stage, some turned toward the camera at the back of the room. Tamotsu wedding, 1924. [Handwritten on photo] Mr. and Mrs. Tamotsu [Stamped on matboard] Bijutsu Photo Studio 245 1/2 First Los Angeles [Handwritten on matboard flap] Mrs. Cammack / June 22nd, 1924 / From Mr. and Mrs. Hume [?] [Handwritten on verso] 85-05-08.251 [This is a Whittier Museum accession number] See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: FFC-0009



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Whittier Public Library

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