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Arthur Ogami - Kimi Ogami Interview (ddr-manz-1-109)
vh Arthur Ogami - Kimi Ogami Interview (ddr-manz-1-109)
Arthur Ogami: Nisei male. Born April 10, 1922 in Whittier, California. Spent childhood in California, before being removed to Manzanar concentration camp in 1942. Left Manzanar several times to work as a beet topper for local farmers. Decided to expatriate to Japan because of mother's wishes, and was transferred to Tule Lake concentration camp. In 1945, …
Mr. and Mrs. Tamotsu (ddr-csujad-57-9)
img Mr. and Mrs. Tamotsu (ddr-csujad-57-9)
A bride and groom stand onstage along side three men, two women and one flower girl. A woman stands ready to play the fiddle and another woman is seated at a piano. Rows of men, women and children are seated in rows of wooden chairs, some facing the stage, some turned toward the camera at the …
[Photograph of Minoru Sasaki's family in Japan] (ddr-csujad-5-229)
[Photograph of Minoru Sasaki's family in Japan] (ddr-csujad-5-229)
Photographed are Katsuji Sasaki (2nd son at age 9 years and 8 months), Minoru Sasaki (at age 40 years and 5 months), Noboru Sasaki (3rd son at age 7 years and 2 months), Yaeko Sasaki (Satoru's wife at age 19 years and 6 months), Matsuyo Sasaki (mother at age 71), Shoji Sasaki (1st son at age …