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Letter from Masao Okine to Mr. and Mrs. S. Okine, July 27, 1946 [in Japanese] (ddr-csujad-5-153)
doc Letter from Masao Okine to Mr. and Mrs. S. Okine, July 27, 1946 [in Japanese] (ddr-csujad-5-153)
A letter from Masao Okine, who is stationed in Tokyo, Japan as a Nisei solder, to his parents, Seiichi and Tomeyo Okine. The letter is mailed via San Francisco, California, by U.S. Army Postal Service. In the letter, Masao writes about his duties driving a jeep and informs that he is going to mail his parents' …
Affidavit in Japanese (ddr-csujad-12-1)
doc Affidavit in Japanese (ddr-csujad-12-1)
An affidavit written by Kobayashi Trading Company in Tokyo to the Mayor of Yokohama City Naka Ward. It confirms that Tsugitada Kanamori used the Kobayashi Trading Company as a Tokyo office from January 1, 1953 through December 31, 1953. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: tsu_01_01_001
Nisei military police officer (ddr-densho-107-35)
img Nisei military police officer (ddr-densho-107-35)
Msgt. Roy Matsumoto, when assigned to GHQ Allied Occupation Forces from 701st Military Police in Shanghai, China.
Translating Japanese documents (ddr-densho-114-152)
img Translating Japanese documents (ddr-densho-114-152)
Original caption: Team G, Nisei Japanese, of the translation and scanning sub-section, General Headquarters, Allied Forces in the Pacific, NYK Building, Tokyo, Japan, work at translating Japanese documents requested by other organizations. This team is responsible for the full translation of letters for Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Allied Commander for the Allied Powers. L-R: Tec 4 …
Japanese American artist (ddr-densho-114-165)
img Japanese American artist (ddr-densho-114-165)
Original caption: Tec 3 Robert Tamura, Nisei Japanese of Los Angeles, Calif., artist and art editor of the "A Tiscope" unit newspaper of the Allied translator and interpreter section, General Headquarters, Allied Powers in the Pacific, Toyko, Japan, draws cover for weekly newspaper. This newspaper provides the section with information of local entertainment, announcements in and …
Nisei translators (ddr-densho-114-176)
img Nisei translators (ddr-densho-114-176)
Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS), Tokyo.