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Ten-minute rest stop (ddr-densho-253-5)
img Ten-minute rest stop (ddr-densho-253-5)
Caption: "Ten-minute rest stop permitted the Japanese to stretch briefly. Halts were made at two-hour intervals. Some Japanese strolled into sagebrush, others tinkered with motors, smoked, talked."
Convoy to Manzanar (ddr-densho-253-4)
img Convoy to Manzanar (ddr-densho-253-4)
Caption: "A car loaded with furniture and luggage on the road to Manzanar."
Across the Mojave Desert (ddr-densho-253-7)
img Across the Mojave Desert (ddr-densho-253-7)
Caption: "Across the Mojave Desert the four-mile-long convoy cut northward, following the arrow-straight flight of the Sierra Highway to the cool, snow-topped mountains. Pacing the procession at 30 m.p.h. was a jeep with red headlights. Behind it rolled a staff sedan carrying the provost marshal in command of the convoy. Behind that follows a press car. …