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Cross country run winners (ddr-densho-37-692)
img Cross country run winners (ddr-densho-37-692)
Original WRA caption: Pictured are the nine winners and officials of the Cross Country Run sponsored by the "olverine Club" last Friday afternoon, March 24. Pictured left to right are: First row--midget division winners-- Teddy Yamada, 3rd place; Goro Todo, 1st place; Jack Hirai, 2nd place. Second row--junior division winners-- Harry Nagaoka, 2nd place; Ray Mitsudo, …
Brush fire (ddr-densho-37-697)
img Brush fire (ddr-densho-37-697)
Original WRA caption: Brush fire midsection of camp.
Japanese American soldiers (ddr-densho-37-660)
img Japanese American soldiers (ddr-densho-37-660)
Original WRA caption: Ready to report to Ft. Douglas for their first step toward a "fighting life", nine men are shown in their civilian clothes for the last time for the duration. They are, standing, left to right, Yoshio Terada, Frank Yaguchi, John Sadanaga, Ken Namba; seated, Hit Kanzaki, Mitsuru Takahashi, Roy Akabe, Johnny Uno, and …
Camp irrigation workers (ddr-densho-37-729)
img Camp irrigation workers (ddr-densho-37-729)
Original WRA caption: Establishing irrigation controls, land reclamation.
Japanese Americans transferring to a different camp (ddr-densho-37-64)
img Japanese Americans transferring to a different camp (ddr-densho-37-64)
Original WRA caption: A group of 254 evacuees transferred from the Minidoka Relocation Center to the Tule Lake Center boards the train at Hunt siding after riding the five miles from the center in trucks.
Lifeguards (ddr-densho-37-6)
img Lifeguards (ddr-densho-37-6)
Original WRA caption: Volunteer lifeguards at outdoor swimming hol[e] constructed close to north side irrigation canal. At left is Willard Jeager, Hunt High School teacher and volunteer Red Cross life-saving instructor. At right is Walter Kipp, community activities supervisor.
Registration of camp new arrivals (ddr-densho-37-62)
img Registration of camp new arrivals (ddr-densho-37-62)
Original WRA caption: Transferees from Tule Lake relocation center being registered for housing immediately after inspection of baggage. It was arranged so that the people arriving by truck from the rail siding unloaded their baggage for inspection and received their housing assignments at the same time and then got back on the trucks for delivery to …
Girls preparing for commencement (ddr-densho-37-691)
img Girls preparing for commencement (ddr-densho-37-691)
Original WRA caption: Girls at the Hunt High School, Minidoka Relocation Center, prepare for commencement exercises.
Christmas decorations (ddr-densho-37-679)
img Christmas decorations (ddr-densho-37-679)
Original WRA caption: Christmas decorations in Dining Hall 34. In the background is a painted scene of the area around the center. The model buildings are a typical block.
Home economics class (ddr-densho-37-724)
img Home economics class (ddr-densho-37-724)
Original WRA caption: Students in the High School Home Economics Class.
Japanese Americans harvesting onions (ddr-densho-37-714)
img Japanese Americans harvesting onions (ddr-densho-37-714)
Original WRA caption: High school boys and girls pull onions on the project farm during harvest vacation.
Japanese American in a field (ddr-densho-37-730)
img Japanese American in a field (ddr-densho-37-730)
Original WRA caption: Mr. Kamaya examining plants, soy bean field.
WAC recruitment (ddr-densho-37-32)
img WAC recruitment (ddr-densho-37-32)
Original WRA caption: An evacuee girl is interviewed by three members of the WAC who visited the Minidoka Relocation Center to accept enlistment of Japanese-American girls.
Administration building (ddr-densho-37-825)
img Administration building (ddr-densho-37-825)
Original WRA caption: Minidoka Relocation Center, Hunt, Idaho. Main administration building.
Coal crew (ddr-densho-37-700)
img Coal crew (ddr-densho-37-700)
Original WRA caption: Half of special coal crew which trucked --- tons of coal five miles from Hunt siding to Minidoka Relocation Center in --- months. One crew worked nights and the other days.
Fire station (ddr-densho-37-35)
img Fire station (ddr-densho-37-35)
Each camp had its own fire station staffed by volunteers.
Camp street (ddr-densho-37-823)
img Camp street (ddr-densho-37-823)
Original WRA caption: Minidoka Relocation Center, Hunt, Idaho. Looking down the rows of barracks westward from block 44. At extreme left is a corner of the dining hall where the 275 to 300 residents of the block eat. At center background is the sanitation building including showers, lavatories, toilets and washtubs. Nearly all the residents planted …
Parents mending clothes (ddr-densho-37-43)
img Parents mending clothes (ddr-densho-37-43)
Original WRA caption: Parents assist in mending for children at the Hunt Nursery School.