Minidoka Irrigator Vol. II No. 10 (February 3, 1943)

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Minidoka Irrigator Collection

Selected article titles: "War Dept's Action Hailed By Local Nisei Leaders" (p. 1), "Calling All Volunteers!" (p. 1), "Seek to Prohibit Residence Of Alien Japanese In Wash." (p. 1), "Editorial: The Acid Test" (p. 2), "JACL Drive Success Seen" (p. 3), "Group Leaves to Survey Share-Crop Propositions" (p. 3), "Article In Missions About Evacuees Disappointing. Injustices Pointed Out In Letter" (p. 4), "$45.10 Raised Here For Paralysis Fund" (p. 5), "Arnold's Initial Article On Minidoka Is Widely Read" (p. 5), "Seattle Election Ballots Available" (p. 5), "Two Hunt Patients In Boise Hospital" (p. 5), "Appeals To Churches To Aid Relocation" (p. 5), "Letter Urges Use Of Nisei Manpower" (p. 6), "Middle West Receptive to Resettlement" (p. 6), "Japanese Labor From Tule Lake to be Sought" (p. 6), "More In-Project Jobs Offered" (p. 7), "Discuss Yasui Case" (p. 7), "'Oregonian' Hails Army's Acceptance of Nisei" (p. 8), "Attention: Sumitomo Bank Claimants" (p. 8).

February 3, 1943




Courtesy of Cherry Kinoshita

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