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Japanese drama group (ddr-densho-18-12)
img Japanese drama group (ddr-densho-18-12)
The Kent shibai, a Japanese drama group, often performed for community events in Kent, Washington.
vh Minoru "Min" Tsubota Interview Segment 5 (ddr-densho-1000-149-5)
Parents' early businesses, running a small grocery store in Seattle and then a sawmill in Kent, Washington
Nisei boy scout (ddr-densho-105-11)
img Nisei boy scout (ddr-densho-105-11)
Minoru "Min" Tsubota is a member of Boy Scout Troop 450 of Kent, Washington. Rank: Tenderfoot.
G.S. Hantf, a barber in Kent, Washington (ddr-csujad-7-14)
img G.S. Hantf, a barber in Kent, Washington (ddr-csujad-7-14)
G.S. Hantf, a barber in Kent, Washington, who opposed the return of the incarcerees to their homes after the war, March 2, 1944. Photo shows him pointing to a sign "We don't want any Japs back here -- ever!" See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: HMLSC_JA_f14
Portrait of a couple (ddr-densho-298-25)
img Portrait of a couple (ddr-densho-298-25)
Caption in album: "Brother Stan and his wife, formerly Elaine Sadamori from Kent, Washington. (Taken in Chicago, 1945)."
Japanese drama performance (ddr-densho-105-4)
img Japanese drama performance (ddr-densho-105-4)
Mr. Sentaro Tsubota & Mr. Juichi Hichiyakuda performing at either the Odd Fellows Hall or at the Kadoyama Hall in Kent, Washington.
Baby in front of grocery store (ddr-densho-105-2)
img Baby in front of grocery store (ddr-densho-105-2)
Minoru Tsubota's family's grocery store in Kent, Washington. Child in front is Min's brother, Henry Hiroo, mother Fusano is standing in back.
Issei funeral (ddr-densho-38-15)
img Issei funeral (ddr-densho-38-15)
This funeral service for Tsukasa Iseri was held at the Japanese Buddhist Mission in Kent, Washington, which is part of the White River Valley.
Testimony of Hon. Kent Pullen (ddr-densho-67-136)
doc Testimony of Hon. Kent Pullen (ddr-densho-67-136)
Written testimony of Hon. Kent Pullen, Sentator, Washington State Senate. This testimony was presented at the CWRIC hearing in Seattle, Washington, on Wednesday, September 9, 1981, in the section titled "Statements by Public Officials."
Testimony of Hideso John Nomura (ddr-densho-67-305)
doc Testimony of Hideso John Nomura (ddr-densho-67-305)
Written testimony of Hideso John Nomura, born in Kent, Washington. Incarcerated in the Pinedale Assembly Center, California, the Tule Lake concentration camp, California, and the Heart Mountain concentration camp, Wyoming. This testimony was submitted for the CWRIC hearings in Seattle, Washington, September 9-11, 1981.
Application for relocation assistance (ddr-densho-25-58)
doc Application for relocation assistance (ddr-densho-25-58)
This application for relocation assistance was filled out on February 15, 1946, by Mae Iseri, under her married name of Mae Yamada. The application lists herself and her two sons. They wished to relocate to Kent, Washington, and were granted $25.
Giro Nakagawa Interview (ddr-densho-1000-422)
vh Giro Nakagawa Interview (ddr-densho-1000-422)
Nisei male. Born March 13, 1921, in Seattle, Washington. Grew up in Kent, Washington, where parents ran a farm. In the 1930s, moved to South Bend, Washington, to work for the New Washington Oyster Company. During World War II, removed to the Pinedale Assembly Center, California, and soon left to work on farms in Utah for …
Wesley K. Watanabe Interview (ddr-densho-1000-166)
vh Wesley K. Watanabe Interview (ddr-densho-1000-166)
Ni-ten-gosei (Nisei/Sansei) male. Born May 20, 1935, in Tacoma, Washington. Spent early childhood in Kent, Washington, and was removed with family to the Pinedale Assembly Center at age seven. Family was incarcerated at Tule Lake concentration camp, California, and then moved to Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho. Resettled and attended grade school and high school in Chicago, …
Frances Sumida Palk Interview Segment 14 (ddr-one-7-72-14)
vh Frances Sumida Palk Interview Segment 14 (ddr-one-7-72-14)
Grandparents' farm in Kent, Washington

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Tsubota Collection (ddr-densho-105)
Collection Tsubota Collection (ddr-densho-105)
The Tsubota collection consists of photographs from the personal family collection of Minoru "Min" Tsubota, who was interviewed by Densho in 2003. The photographs document Minoru's life growing up in Kent, Washington, through his incarceration at Tule Lake concentration camp, and finally through his military service.
Woman in a tomato field (ddr-densho-2-21)
img Woman in a tomato field (ddr-densho-2-21)
Peggie Yorita holds a bucket of tomatoes from her parents' farm.
Family photograph (ddr-densho-25-89)
img Family photograph (ddr-densho-25-89)
The Iseri family. Front (left to right): Mae, Matahichi, George, Kisa with Dan on lap, Alice, and Masato. Back row: Mitsuo (Mike) Tom and Mun.