Tsubota Collection


The Tsubota collection consists of photographs from the personal family collection of Minoru "Min" Tsubota, who was interviewed by Densho in 2003. The photographs document Minoru's life growing up in Kent, Washington, through his incarceration at Tule Lake concentration camp, and finally through his military service.



18 photographic prints, color and black and white; 2 objects


Courtesy of the Tsubota Family Collection

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Copyright restricted

20 Objects

Baby in front of grocery store (ddr-densho-105-2)
img Baby in front of grocery store (ddr-densho-105-2)
Minoru Tsubota's family's grocery store in Kent, Washington. Child in front is Min's brother, Henry Hiroo, mother Fusano is standing in back.
Japanese drama performance (ddr-densho-105-4)
img Japanese drama performance (ddr-densho-105-4)
Mr. Sentaro Tsubota & Mr. Juichi Hichiyakuda performing at either the Odd Fellows Hall or at the Kadoyama Hall in Kent, Washington.
Young boy's stage performance (ddr-densho-105-5)
img Young boy's stage performance (ddr-densho-105-5)
Minoru Tsubota performing at the Kadoyama Hall in Kent.
img Senninbari, "thousand-stitch belt" (ddr-densho-105-8)
Minoru "Min" Tsubota's mother made this senninbari in Tule Lake. It is known as a thousand-stitch belt, and was created to protect a soldier going into battle. Each of the thousand knots was sewn by a different woman. On the belt is stitched Min's Buddhist name, the traditional Buddhist chant of "Namu Amida Butsu," and a …
Nisei boy scout (ddr-densho-105-11)
img Nisei boy scout (ddr-densho-105-11)
Minoru "Min" Tsubota is a member of Boy Scout Troop 450 of Kent, Washington. Rank: Tenderfoot.

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