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George Fugami Segment 24 (ddr-densho-1000-7-24)
vh George Fugami Segment 24 (ddr-densho-1000-7-24)
Suspicions of being "fingered" for saying Japan would win a war
Northwest Buddhist Convention Banquet (ddr-one-1-418)
img Northwest Buddhist Convention Banquet (ddr-one-1-418)
Black and white photographic negative of guests at the Northwest Buddhist Convention banquet dinner in the basement of the Seattle Buddhist Church. Sitting at the head table from left to right: Reverend Sunya Pratt (from Tacoma, Washington), Reverend Tatsuya Ichikawa (from Seattle, Washington), Reverend Eiyu Terao (from Spokane, Washington), Reverend Ikuta from (Vancouver, British Columbia), Reverend …
Terakawa Collection (ddr-densho-357)
Collection Terakawa Collection (ddr-densho-357)
The Terakawa Collection consists of four photograph albums created by Hanako Terakawa. Hanako's parents, Tadaichi and Yoni Yoshioka, immigrated from Japan and settled in Hayward, California in the early 1900's. In Hayward, they started a family and had five children. They owned a nursery and maintained several greenhouses built around 1913. The earliest photograph album primarily …
Property storage list for Buddhist Mission Society (ddr-sbbt-2-36)
doc Property storage list for Buddhist Mission Society (ddr-sbbt-2-36)
A list of names and locations for property stored at the Buddhist Mission Society (Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple) building addressed to C.C. Cawsey, General Contractor. Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple; Cawsey, C. C.; Aoki, Seiji; Ariyasu, T.; Aoki, H.; Akano, K.; Akada, Shigejiro; Akada, Asakichi; Akada, A.; Asakura, U.; Abe, Y.; Asaoka, A.; Asaoka, T.; Akada, Riyoichi; …
Young People's Christian Conference (ddr-densho-259-365)
img Young People's Christian Conference (ddr-densho-259-365)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "I think that this gathering took place in front of what was then called the Centenary Wilbur Methodist Church, in Portland I suspect that this was a YPCC--Young People's Christian Conference--because many of the Nisei are wearing identification badges."
Property storage list (ddr-sbbt-2-37)
doc Property storage list (ddr-sbbt-2-37)
A lists of names and locations for stored property. Yoshimura, J.; Nomura, S.; Okamoto, M.; Ujimoto, N.; Yamanaka, K.; Mizuta, S.; Matsui, J.; Tsutsumi, N.; Yoshimura, M.; Miyake, Y.; Miyake, H.; Izui; Shioyama, K.; Matsuda, Haruye; Hirokane, T.; Iwamura, K.; Suzuki, Y.; Kuromiya, S.; Edamura, H.; Kokita, K.; Takahashi, T.; Morinaga, T.; Shimizu, N.; Fukuhara, H. …
Alameda Nihonmachi (ddr-ajah-6-326)
doc Alameda Nihonmachi (ddr-ajah-6-326)
Map of Japanese owned businesses in Alameda from 1904-1940
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 43, No. 22 (November 30, 1956) (ddr-pc-28-48)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 43, No. 22 (November 30, 1956) (ddr-pc-28-48)
Selected article titles: "Central California JACL officers to be installed en masse Dec. 2" (p. 1), "Issei mainlanders more Americanized" (p. 1), "Separate statehood bills may succeed, says Engle; "Arizona Nuptial Law Test Case May be Blooped" (p. 1), "Democracy in Japan should be reconsidered" (p. 2), "'No' Votes on Prop. 13 viewed as strong testimonial …
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 48, No. 22 (May 30, 1959) (ddr-pc-31-22)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 48, No. 22 (May 30, 1959) (ddr-pc-31-22)
Selected article titles: "Heavy agenda to face Nat'l Board; San Mateo JACL succeeds fighting housing bias against dentist" (p. 1), "Unruh civil rights bill passes assembly" (p. 1), "Cal. Senate comm. Oks anti-bias housing measure" (p. 2), "Colorado newsman recalls own paper's support of evacuees after Pearl Harbor" (p. 2), "Use of vested property to pay …
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 43, No. 14 (October 5, 1956) (ddr-pc-28-40)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 43, No. 14 (October 5, 1956) (ddr-pc-28-40)
Selected article titles: "Note Sansei in Hawaii Politics, 2 Seek Offices" (p. 1), "Sansei scores 190 pts. out of possible 110 in Oregon State entrance examination" (p. 1), "New Justice Dep't Procedures for Renunciants Follows JACL Policy" (p. 1), "Effective campaign to carry 'Yes on Prop. 13' urged in Nisei vernacular" (p. 1), "Detroit JACLers open …