Young People's Christian Conference

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Yasui Family Collection

Caption by Homer Yasui: "I think that this gathering took place in front of what was then called the Centenary Wilbur Methodist Church, in Portland I suspect that this was a YPCC--Young People's Christian Conference--because many of the Nisei are wearing identification badges."



Still Image

  • Nakadate, Mary
  • Sakano, Fumi
  • Goto, Taro
  • Yoshinari, Hisako
  • Migaki, Mary
  • Takeoka, Daiichi
  • Yamaki, Eiko
  • Maeda, Frances
  • Kanemasu, Wataru
  • Yasui, Ray
  • Ito, William
  • Tsubota, Kimiko
  • Maeda, Milton
  • Kanemasu, Kazuo
  • Tamura, George
  • Iwatsuki, Harry
  • Yasui, Minoru
  • Yamaki, Billy
  • Nakadate, Katsumi Jim


Courtesy of the Yasui Family Collection

Copyright restricted
Copyright restricted