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Ryo Morikawa Recollections (ddr-densho-446-349)
doc Ryo Morikawa Recollections (ddr-densho-446-349)
Autobiography: Ryo's parents, Life in San Diego, 11 months in Japan, Evacuation, Married Life
Young woman (ddr-densho-355-634)
img Young woman (ddr-densho-355-634)
Caption: "Alla Nazimova as Nora in Ibsen's play A Doll's House"
Gentaro Takahashi Collection (ddr-densho-355)
Collection Gentaro Takahashi Collection (ddr-densho-355)
The Gentaro Takahashi Collection consists of photos, documents and ephemera from the time of Gentaro Takahashi’s arrival in the United States in 1907 to the 1970’s. The collection includes family photos in the U.S. and Japan, photos of Takahashi's travels in the U.S. including Duluth, Minnesota and Yellowstone National Park, correspondence and academic work from Boston …
Carbon copy letter from Ai Chih Tsai to Ng Boksu (ddr-densho-446-413)
doc Carbon copy letter from Ai Chih Tsai to Ng Boksu (ddr-densho-446-413)
Responding to Ng Boksu's inquiry about Taiwanese in the U.S. just before WWII. (5 pages)