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George Yano Interview Segment 10 (ddr-jamsj-2-11-10)
vh George Yano Interview Segment 10 (ddr-jamsj-2-11-10)
Family organizes a car caravan of families to "voluntarily evacuate" to Colorado
Jimi Yamaichi Segment 9 (ddr-densho-1000-106-9)
vh Jimi Yamaichi Segment 9 (ddr-densho-1000-106-9)
Running into German POWs in Grand Junction, Colorado while on work crew
Ruth Y. Okimoto Interview Segment 20 (ddr-densho-1000-331-20)
vh Ruth Y. Okimoto Interview Segment 20 (ddr-densho-1000-331-20)
Postwar work to reconnect with the Native Americans on the Colorado River reservation
Scene the Pictorial Magazine Vol. 3 No. 9 (January 1952) (ddr-densho-266-38)
doc Scene the Pictorial Magazine Vol. 3 No. 9 (January 1952) (ddr-densho-266-38)
Selected article titles: "Hollywood films movie in Colorado" (p. 11), "Chicago treats young visitor from Hawaii" (p. 13), "Colorado newsgirl writes about forest fires and murder trials" (p. 18).
College transcript (ddr-densho-338-330)
doc College transcript (ddr-densho-338-330)
College transcript for Guyo Tajiri from the University of Colorado.
Bill Hosokawa Interview Segment 24 (ddr-densho-1000-129-24)
vh Bill Hosokawa Interview Segment 24 (ddr-densho-1000-129-24)
Moving to Colorado and working for the Denver Post, covering the Korean and Vietnam wars
Lynne Horiuchi Interview (ddr-densho-1000-501)
vh Lynne Horiuchi Interview (ddr-densho-1000-501)
Sansei female. Born June 10, 1945, in Denver, Colorado, where parents moved after leaving camp during World War II. Grew i[ om Denver, where father had an insurance company. Attended the University of Colorado and then Colorado College. Studied abroad in Italy before moving to California. Eventually earned a PhD and became an architectural historian.
Jack Y. Kubota Interview (ddr-densho-1000-409)
vh Jack Y. Kubota Interview (ddr-densho-1000-409)
Nisei male. Born in Pasadena, California. Grew up El Centro, California, where father was a truck farmer. During World War II, removed with family to the Poston (Colorado River) concentration camp, Arizona. After leaving camp, lived for a time in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and joined the navy. Graduated from college in San Diego and became an …
Alley Watada Interview (ddr-manz-1-30)
vh Alley Watada Interview (ddr-manz-1-30)
Nisei male. Born July 20, 1930, in Plateville, Colorado. Grew up in Fort Lupton, Colorado, where parents ran a farm. Continued farming in Fort Lupton during World War II, employing German prisoners of war as well as Japanese Americans who had been in concentration camps. Attended Colorado State University and UC Davis, earning a PhD in …
George Yano Interview (ddr-jamsj-2-11)
vh George Yano Interview (ddr-jamsj-2-11)
Sansei male. Born July 6, 1942, in Fort Lupton, Colorado. Compiled an extensive family history detailing parents' participation in a "voluntary evacuation" from Milpitas, California, to Fort Lupton, Colorado, in 1942, to avoid incarceration.
Summer Carnival Parade (ddr-densho-37-469)
img Summer Carnival Parade (ddr-densho-37-469)
Original WRA caption: Granada Relocation Center, Amache, Colorado. Amache Summer Carnival Parade.
Colorado Times Collection (ddr-densho-150)
Collection Colorado Times Collection (ddr-densho-150)
This collection contains several issues of the Colorado Times, a newspaper published in both English and Japanese during World War II. Although not published in an incarceration camp, this paper served as a source of information for residents of the Granada (Amache) concentration camp, Colorado.