Nancy Iwami Interview Segment 1

Father's immigration to the U.S. (ddr-densho-1015-5-1) - 00:03:49
Mother's arrival in the U.S. as a "picture bride" (ddr-densho-1015-5-2) - 00:02:23
Parents' work as sharecroppers (ddr-densho-1015-5-3) - 00:05:06
Responsibilities as the eldest child (ddr-densho-1015-5-4) - 00:03:24
Attending grammar school: walking five miles (ddr-densho-1015-5-5) - 00:03:10
Relationships between Chinese and Japanese Americans (ddr-densho-1015-5-6) - 00:03:13
Watsonville's prewar Japantown (ddr-densho-1015-5-7) - 00:02:12
A typical day helping on family farm (ddr-densho-1015-5-8) - 00:03:16
Enjoying Japanese language school (ddr-densho-1015-5-9) - 00:04:16
Mother's continuing ties to family in Japan (ddr-densho-1015-5-10) - 00:02:26
Attending high school, involvement in church activities (ddr-densho-1015-5-11) - 00:04:13
Getting married, description of husband's barbershop (ddr-densho-1015-5-12) - 00:04:26
Hearing about the bombing of Pearl Harbor: supportive neighbors (ddr-densho-1015-5-13) - 00:06:07
Leaving for the Salinas Assembly Center (ddr-densho-1015-5-14) - 00:04:47
First impressions of Poston concentration camp (ddr-densho-1015-5-15) - 00:04:20
Working as a dietician in camp (ddr-densho-1015-5-16) - 00:04:54
Leaving camp and moving to Denver (ddr-densho-1015-5-17) - 00:04:45
Parents' experiences in camp (ddr-densho-1015-5-18) - 00:02:08
Returning to Watsonville, finding work (ddr-densho-1015-5-19) - 00:03:04
Working in domestic service after World War II (ddr-densho-1015-5-20) - 00:03:35
Observing changes in Watsonville postwar (ddr-densho-1015-5-21) - 00:04:58
Description of daughter (ddr-densho-1015-5-22) - 00:01:59
Reflections on the future of the Watsonville Japanese American community (ddr-densho-1015-5-23) - 00:02:29
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ddr-densho-1015-5-1 (Legacy UID: denshovh-inancy-01-0001)

Father's immigration to the U.S.

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July 29, 2008

Watsonville - Santa Cruz JACL Collection

Watsonville - Santa Cruz JACL Collection


Nancy Iwami

Nancy Iwami Interview

01:25:00 — 23 segments

July 29, 2008

Watsonville, California

Nisei female. Born May 20, 1914, in Watsonville, California. Grew up in Watsonville and married before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. During World War II, removed to the Salinas Assembly Center, California, and the Poston concentration camp, Arizona. After leaving camp, lived in Denver for a time before eventually returning to Watsonville.

Megan Asaka, interviewer; Dana Hoshide, videographer

Watsonville - Santa Cruz JACL Collection